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Thread: More Roethlisberger Passes = More Losses

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.wizard View Post
    Impossible to know, if we had run more and lost we would be hearing the "turtle ball" complaints, it all comes down to execution. It's overly simplistic to say pass more and lose run more and win.
    "Turtle" complaints were usually made in VICTORIES that stupid fans thought were too close.

    "We had a 17 point lead and only won by 7.....we could have lost", they'd whine; but we almost NEVER actually lost.

    Turtle is why Cowher and Tomlin had OUTSTANDING records with a 2 TD lead.

    What we see now is what happens when you call plays like a fan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by papillon View Post
    The only INTs that I wish Ben would eliminate are the RZ interceptions. The others can be overcome during a game, but RZ INTs are killers, if he could be less of a gunslinger and more of a, "throw it away and live to fight another day" in the RZ, the Steelers can win any game.

    And leave it to Boswell to kick a FG?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    And leave it to Boswell to kick a FG?!?!
    Yes, the RZ being the 20 yard line or closer, Boswell, even in his current state will make a 37 yard FG or less the majority of the time. If you throw an INT in the RZ you can't score any points.


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