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Thread: Kelvin Benjamin - should we?

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    realistically hes not that good and hes never really been that good. Some of the poorest metrics of speed and agility you will ever see from a first round WR. His lack of ability to get separation is no accident. Hes just a tall target. Big and slow, but physical and can jump. Ernest Wilford from the jags years back is probably his best comparison. That said, wouldnt have minded getting ben another big target which he has always lusted for

    i actually thought you were spot on but after checking his stats, im kinda impressed with his numbers. newton isnt exactly a wrs dream thrower. 3300-3500 yards and 22 tds doesnt exactly promote pro bowl wr numbers.
    since he left carolina, his qbs have been garbage.
    benjamin may not have much of an impact this year, but i would bet with a good qb he coulkd easily get back to his first 2 year stats and then some.
    depending on the money, he could be a huge reward with little risk to whoever signs him long term

    if we didnt make a move for him, it was a major mistake
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    K.C. signed Benjamin because Sammy Watkins is expected to miss the next 4-6 weeks with an injury.
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