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Thread: OT: Brees Now #1 All-Time in Passing Yardage

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    ESPN had such a boner for it last night....if you were curious if he broke the record, they told you 100000 times

    Nothing like the electric banter between witten stumbling over his words and booger while booger rides around on a floating chair as the on field guy...which we NEED because we need someone to tell us when "its getting chippy down there". Its kind of like Jay feely being the kicking analyst...."yup, tough kick, back to you guys up in the booth" how could we do without that?

    Then theres rules expert Jeff Tripplette...what a joy that was to hear him incorrectly explain the rule, make the wrong call to have it overturned, and have the on field officials spend about a minute in the booth making a routine call.

    Like i said, MNF crew is electric.

    Congrats to brees though, it was a stone cold lock he would get it...its a big deal, but i wonder if they would have stopped play for 15 minutes if it were a 1pm game or is espn just had to make it into a circus

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    I have to agree. The MNF crew is painful to listen to.

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    Huge accomplishment, sheer longevity in the league plays a part. Brees did it without the media fanfare or drama of other QBs.

    Congrats to a genuine good guy and family man.

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    I know I'll definitely be hoping to see this particular Brees accomplishment this weekend!

    If Saints beat Ravens on Sunday, Drew Brees will have wins over all 32 teams

    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 18, 2018, 5:17 AM EDT

    Saints quarterback Drew Brees has the opportunity to do something extraordinary on Sunday: Earn a victory over his 32nd NFL team.

    If the Saints beat the Ravens on Sunday, Brees will have been the starting quarterback when his team earned a victory over every NFL team. Only Brett Favre and Peyton Manning have accomplished that feat before.

    Of course, it’s impossible to earn a win over all 32 teams if you haven’t played for multiple teams. Brees beat the Saints when he played for the Chargers and the Chargers when he played for the Saints. According to Pro Football Reference, three active quarterbacks have beaten every team except the team they play for: Tom Brady has beaten every team but the Patriots, Aaron Rodgers has beaten every team but the Packers and Ben Roethlisberger has beaten every team but the Steelers.

    The only other quarterback who has wins over 31 teams is a surprising one: Kerry Collins, who started in a win over every team except the Dolphins in his 17-year career with the Giants, Titans, Panthers, Raiders, Colts and Saints.

    Using “wins” as a measurement of a quarterback is flawed, as winning or losing is often determined by elements outside a quarterback’s control. That’s why Kerry Collins can be on a wins list with a bunch of future Hall of Famers. But lasting long enough as a starting quarterback to earn wins over the entire league is still a noteworthy achievement, one that Brees can accomplish on Sunday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    I know I'll definitely be hoping to see this particular Brees accomplishment this weekend!
    Let’s Go Drew !

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