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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2018

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    Only above average picks count anyways, no matter when they're made.....

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    Week 8

    Lonbull - 405
    Squidkid - 395
    Ghost - 370
    Fordfixer - 340
    Pfelix73 - 335
    SteelerofDeville - 315
    Ruthlessburgher - 300
    MeetJoeGreene - 280
    Flippy - 265
    Starlifter - 260
    NBC - 255
    ESPN - 250
    Jooser - 250
    Passhappy - 225
    Tomlinator - 200
    Papillion - 195
    Chadman - 120

    10 MNF Execs picked the Packers v. Rams game.....and those 10 MNF Execs choose very wisely as it turned out to be the Highest Score of the Week with 50 points.

    All of us who picked that game have to be VERY thankful to Todd Gurley -- up by two points Todd Gurley broke free for a 17 yard gain and could have "fought" for a Touchdown......which very likely would have erased 35 points from all of our MNF Exec. scores -- instead he allowed himself to be tackled on the 4 yard line and the Rams in turned took a Knee and won by 2 points.....Thank you Mr. Gurley.

    The second high score (45) belonged to Fordfixer -- who had hoped to pick up major points in the Denver v. KC game which he had all to himself -- instead he was just able to keep pace.

    Still HIGH-FIVE for picking a different game.

    The suits from ESPN found themselves in the Goose Egg lounge this past weekend......and looking ahead they could be in for a two week stay......ESPN and MeetJoeGreene are the only Execs without a kickoff wonders, is the 2017 Champ having a Championship the Greene in MeetJoeGreene.....Philly Green?

    Looking ahead only One Exec knows the fresh, crisp air of the 400 Club....that would be your leader and King Lonbull -- and he (along with three other Execs) will be picking up 15 points at kickoff.

    However Pfelix73 and Tomlinator will be flexing the hardest by picking up 25 points come Sunday.

    Meanwhile Squidkid looks to reclaim the Throne with the Sunday Night match-up of Packers v. Patriots.....

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 9

    LA Rams vs Saints – (+25) Pfelix73, Tomlinator

    Steelers vs Ravens – (+15) Lonbull, Ghost, Fordfixer, Starlifter

    Packers v. Patriots – (+10) Passhappy, Flippy, Papillion, Ruthlessburgher, Squidkid, SteelerofDeville, Chadman, NBC
    Chargers @ Seahawks – (+10) Jooser

    Tampa Bay vs. Carolina – MeetJoeGreene
    Tennessee Titans at Dallas Cowboys - ESPN
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    So basically me and espn are the only ones starting without bonus points. I blame this on poor coaching. Not my execution
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    Week 9

    Lonbull - 440
    Squidkid - 405
    Ghost - 405
    Pfelix73 - 380
    Fordfixer - 375
    SteelerofDeville - 325
    Ruthlessburgher - 310
    MeetJoeGreene - 295
    Starlifter - 295
    Flippy - 275
    NBC - 265
    Jooser - 260
    ESPN - 255
    Tomlinator - 245
    Passhappy - 235
    Papillion - 205
    Chadman - 130

    Pfelix73 & Tomlinator racked up the Weekly High Score of 45 points with their Saints v. Rams showdown -- it was definitely the game of the week.

    Pfelix73 is creeping up the boards and is currently sitting in 4th place -- still a LOT of football left to play this season - so maybe the 2012 Champion is looking for a return to greatness.

    Looking ahead he has 25 points and the highest bonus going into Week 10 with the Panthers visiting our Pittsburgh Steelers --- that 25 point bonus at kickoff puts him in a tie for 2nd place!

    Lonbull (yours truly) continues to hold a very modest lead -- over Ghost and Squidkid -- Ghost enjoyed a 35 point score this week to move into a tie with Squidkid.

    Squidkid won't be able to pick up any points on the Leader this week - as he shares the Cowboys v. Eagles game with Lonbull (geez who knew both of these teams would be struggling enough to give us zero bonus points??

    The only reason to watch this game might be the Eagles Cheerleaders.

    Also looking ahead Papillion and Jooser also enjoy a 15 point bonus at kickoff --- a big game would certainly help get them both into contention.

    11 MNF Execs are without a bonus going into Week 10 -- so the Goose Egg Lounge is likely stocking the bar......and from what I hear it's karaoke week this week.......and the Lounge is looking for singers.

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 10

    Panthers vs Steelers (+25) Flippy, PFelix73, Ruthlessburgher, SteelerofDeville
    Seahawks vs Rams (+15) Papillion, Jooser

    Cowboys v. Eagles Lonbull, NBC, Squidkid
    Chargers vs Raiders Ghost, Fordfixer, Starlifter, Chadman

    Bills v. Jets Passhappy
    Detroit at Chicago Tomlinator
    Jacksonville v. Indy MeetJoeGreene
    New York Giants at San Francisco 49ers - ESPN
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    Bills v. Jets.....good grief

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    Quote Originally Posted by passhappy View Post
    Bills v. Jets.....good grief
    cry me a river. i thought chucky would be interested in making the raiders relevant. Instead I got a fire sale.......

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    In a big blow-out game where say a team scores 52 points on another, do the managers that picked that game also lose their pre-game bonus points? Just askin'.

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    LOL... Hope not!
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    Week 10

    Pfelix73 - 460
    Lonbull - 455

    Squidkid - 420
    Ghost - 405
    SteelerofDeville - 405
    Ruthlessburgher - 390
    Fordfixer - 375
    Flippy - 355
    MeetJoeGreene - 325
    ESPN - 310
    Jooser - 300
    Starlifter - 295
    NBC - 280
    Tomlinator - 280
    Papillion - 245
    Passhappy - 235
    Chadman - 130

    PFelix73, Flippy, Ruthlessburgher and SteelerofDeville leap up the leader-board with the weekly high score of 80 points in the Steelers v. Panthers game -- which featured Jaylen Samuels leaping forward for his first TD as a Steeler and kicking in an additional 25 bonus points for NEW LEADER PFelix73 and the boys!

    Former Champ SteelerofDeville has moved into a tie for 4th place and has worked his way into striking distance -- it's now a VERY tight race at the top.....and as we look ahead -- a VERY rough week ahead for the top of the board.

    ESPN is picking up 25 bonus points all to themselves - as they were the only one smart enough to pick legit playoff contenders.....(I should take away points for bad field conditions.....but I suppose that's not ESPN's fault).

    Ruthlessburger, Jooser, Fordfixer, Starlifter, and Tomlinator will be picking up a special 20 point bonus as Jason Pierre-Paul prepares to take on his former team -- I thought there were MUCH better games to pick than taking the bait on this easy 20 on a bad game.....turns out the easy 20 was probably the smart move -- good job gentleman.

    Looking ahead - Squidkid and Ghost have a chance to make a move into 1st and 2nd place this week -- but they don't have any bonus points at the kickoff of the Steelers v. Jacksonville game.

    Lonbull (yours truly) won't be able to make any ground on leader PFelix73 as they both share the Eagles v. Saints game -- which also doesn't have any bonus points at kickoff.

    **Again -- could be a rough week for the top of the board.

    Good Luck this week - your leader is in RED

    Week 11

    Chiefs v. Rams – (+25) ESPN
    Buccaneers v. Giants – (+20) Tomlinator, Ruthlessburger, Jooser, Fordfixer, Starlifter

    Eagles v. Saints – Pfelix73, Lonbull, Flippy
    Steelers v. Jaguars – Passhappy, Ghost, Squidkid, Chadman, NBC
    Cowboys v. Falcons – Papillion, MeetJoeGreene
    Packers v. Seahawks – SteelerofDeville
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    Quote Originally Posted by passhappy View Post
    Bills v. Jets.....good grief
    We've all picked bad ones my friend.....part of the charm of the game I suppose / hope.



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