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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter View Post
    The fact the HOF is now considering forcing players to attend as a condition of enshrinement goes light years further in proving TO’s point than anything he did in Chattanooga.

    The sportswriter selection committee appears to be filled with narcissistic dbags who think because they write about sports - they’re somehow important to the game.
    I remember a sports writer saying he wouldn’t vote for Chris Carter because all he did was score touchdowns.

    TO has a point. These sportswriters have too much influence over inductions.

    Most of them never played a down of organized football but because they write about it they get to vote? It’s nonsense

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Of course not. Don't be silly. The appropriate response would be to give his speech from Yager Stadium at Miami of Ohio while letting us know how courageous he was for choosing Oxford over Canton...


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