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Thread: What will be the team's mood/attitude toward Bell when he shows Up?

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    What will be the team's mood/attitude toward Bell when he shows Up?

    The question has to be asked I think. Put yourself in any one of the other players place on the team. What would your mindset be towards Bell as a teammate?

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    same as last year

    can't spend too much time thinking about him while he is gone but glad to see him when he shows up.

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    I don't think it will be any different than their attitude toward him last season: "Let's help each other win." Bell's place on the team for this season is established. What he did last year didn't sour his teammates on him, so I don't think what he's done this year will, either. Conner, Samuels and the other RBs will be happy for the extra reps in practice.

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    they are pros, not fans. If he shows up, works hard and helps them win - they will embrace him.


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    When he shows up, he balls out. The other players and coaches are perfectly fine with that. It's why our front office wanted to extend him so badly. He'll be accepted in the locker room without any issue whatsoever.
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    I read an interview with DeCastro earlier this year where he essentially predicted exactly what happened and said he didn't expect to see Bell in camp or for preseason games and he'd show about a week before the season started. DD appeared as if he could not care less.

    We're fans. We get all upset. For all the player's talk about "loving" a certain team, this is a business for the players and they all understand it. Each guy has to do whatever they think is best for making as much as possible in a short amount of time. And I think that's what the other players see. They worry about what they need to do to make the team and hopefully get the sweet deal. Everyone is on their own. The first critical 1st down or touchdown Bell scores and no one will care about the contract or missed days in July.

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    Hopefully your right ghost.
    But I've seen situations where teammates feel that some guys are not rowing the boat with the other guys and become a little indifferent.

    I could have gone either way..

    If he signed and stayed long term then that was good because it's always good to take care of your own.
    When he leaves after this year, that will be good with me because we'll find another RB; we always do.

    There is no "sky is falling" syndrome with me over Bell. He's been a distraction and now I'm hoping we all can move on now because we know how this is going to end this time next year.
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    The big positive out of this is the exposure the other RBs will get through 16 practices and 4 pre-season games. I think we know what we have with Toussant and journeyman Stevan Ridley (It ain't much...). It will be interesting to see if Conner has been able to fine tune his pass protection and worked on his hands a bit. Also excited to see what Jaylen Samuels can offer. He had 201 passes caught with 47 TDs at NC State. He could be the RB out of the backfield Ben looks for with Bell not on the field.

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    With Samuels, you could conceivably change from 21 personnel to 11 or 12 without substitution...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+# up and wear it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    With Samuels, you could conceivably change from 21 personnel to 11 or 12 without substitution...
    Don't remember if we ran much double tights last year but it's a new year with a new OC. But Samuels just like Conner will have to be solid in the protections or his time on the field will be limited. He will be someone I'll be watching closely at Latrobe n I'll report on how they are using him.


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