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Thread: Rudolph grilled on white board by Mooch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sword View Post
    lol ....also seems like this team doesn't get in gear tell the 7th game....I hope we don't have a slow start this year....
    A player would never openly "say" that. But we are talking about reality of the situation at hand. He's not going to see any starting time anytime soon. And we all know this. We are talking about "reality"; noy hypothetically.

    **** Personally, I don't think any of us care where our future QB comes from. All we really care about is SOMEONE , panning out and actually being our next great franchise QB. So what if Dobbs all of a sudden flashed this camp and pre-season? Would anyone be upset about that? Other then Mason, I would hope not.

    We have two guys that we hope one pans out to be that next great QB for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I think Wilson had a better college resume. He didnít have the stats like Rudolph but he had more impressive wins and clutch plays.

    Wilson was a beast in college.
    He was a beast his final year at Wisconsin but was a below 60% passer at NC State the previous three years.

    We can agree to disagree on this one

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    Landy Jones isn't leaps and bounds better than anyone except someone like the ticket taker or the vendor or someone who has no business being in an NFL training camp. If Landry Jones were released I am not sure he would take over the No. 2 spot for any other NFL team.

    Dobbs is a bonafide NFL prospect. I think people think only in terms of his first preseason start when he three for 100 yards and 2 int. On his fourth preseason game, Dobbs threw for 220 yards and 1 td and ran for another TD. That is better than any preseason game Jones has had in six years in the NFL,

    Jones doesn't inspire great confidence in me when he gets an occasional start. He has a career QB rating of 86.2. 8 TDs, 7 ints. 3-2 record. He beat the Browns twice, should have lost the one in 2016 that the Browns gave away. Cincinnati gave back the playoff game when Jones threw what would normally have been a killer int. Jones has zero mobility. I don't think he could outrun a crab or a worm. Ran for -375 yards in college and - 19 yards as a pro.

    Meaningless you say. No I think it does mean something.

    Dobbs ran for over 2000 yards in college. his last year threw for 27 tds in college. If Dobbs can continue is upward trend that he showed from the 1st preseason game of 2017 to the 4th preseason game of 2017. I would keep him over Jones without hesitation. Rudolph can assume the No. 2 spot right away. If anyone would be insane enough to give the Steelers a relatively high draft pick for Jones I would jump all over that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    He was a beast his final year at Wisconsin but was a below 60% passer at NC State the previous three years.

    We can agree to disagree on this one
    NC State was trash. He basically carried that team to some incredible 4th quarter wins.

    One year i watched him beat Pitt damn near all by himself in the second half when they were down big at half time. I had no idea who he was before that day but I was a believer after that game.

    Thats why I said he didn’t have the stats, he had the clutch gene though.

    Also another reason i think stats are overrated. Big 12 QB’s have insane stats but they usually struggle when the pressure is on at the next level.

    Hopefully Rudolph bucks that trend.

    One other thing about Wilson. His senior year was so much better than his junior year. It’s pretty obvious his supporting cast and coaching was much better. NC State forced him out because he wouldn’t stop
    playing baseball. Really it was because they had another QB who threatened to go somewhere else. That QB never panned our and the coach was fired while Wilson went to the Rose Bowl.


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