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Thread: Le'Veon Bell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh wow View Post
    Exactly. I think Gase discussed exactly what was important. He now has the GM title and will hire his buddy as a puppet.

    What’s funny is if the Jets start winning he gets credit even though he didn’t want these players at this price. If they lose he can blame the old GM.

    NY franchises are in a race to the bottom.
    All the credit.....NONE of the accountability.......might not be the idiot I thought.

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    They are talking about the "Continued dysfunction" between Bell and Case on the NFL Network this morning. Glad that circus left town!

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    John Clayton said he wouldn’t be surprised if Bell got traded before the season even begins. The hard part would be to find someone to pick up the contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    John Clayton said he wouldn’t be surprised if Bell got traded before the season even begins. The hard part would be to find someone to pick up the contract.
    That would be a stupid move....

    which means it’s possible.

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    Could the Jets Already Be Looking to Move Running Back Le’Veon Bell?

    May 17th, 2019
    by Matt Loede

    First there was the quick exit of Jets GM Mike Maccagnan, replacing him with current new Jets coach Adam Gase as the teams’ new GM.

    Now New York has even more of a media circus, as there’s rumblings that the team might actually be LOOKING TO TRADE newly signed running back Le’Veon Bell.

    Some of this might be coming from the fact that Maccagnan liked Bell, but Gase was not all that keen on paying him what they did considering 31 other teams were not jumping to grab him when he was an unrestricted free agent.

    Sources told me that Gase likes Bell the player, but felt they did not have to pay that much to get him. There were other reports that Gase did not want Bell at all.

    With Bell already a no-show for most of the spring program, it is fair to wonder how the Bell/Gase relationship will be now that these reports are out in the atmosphere.

    So if you are the Jets – what do you do? It’s not likely since you were the only team interested that someone is going to give up much for Bell, and most teams are simply going to sit back and watch while the Jets – four months before the season starts – go into panic mode.

    It will be interesting to watch, and might be the best NFL drama of the summer.

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    Some quotes from "The Interview" where Bell showed up high and also seemed overweight. "I feel amazing...It all paid off. I feel valued. I instantly felt loved when I talked to Coach Gase. When I talked to Gase, we talked on the same level like we are friends...You can sense when someone genuinely wants you around and I felt that with Coach Gase".

    He didn't necessarily feel that way with the Steelers. They also wanted him to work out all the time and he wanted to rap and play video games. For someone who seems a little emotionally immature and lacks insight and foresight, as Bell seems to do, I wonder if these events in which it was revealed that Gase did not "really" want him, blew his high completely. Big wake up call. He is actually going to be under more scrutiny and pressure than he had imagined. He may even be criticized heavily if the Jets don't win and he doesn't play well enough to justify the huge money investment the Jets made.

    All he wanted was to feel wanted and smoke a lot of marijuana.

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    Poor Bell. Should have taken our offer... glad he didn't

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    I guess we shouldn't be all that surprised about the drama that seems to follow Bell wherever he goes whether his own doing or not.

    Honestly, I am looking forward to a camp and preseason without the 'look-at-me's' that have dogged the Steelers the last 5 seasons or so.....

    focused on football, rising playmakers, winning..... refreshing...

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    I hope Bell sticks with the Jets. I want the defense to pound him in Week 16.

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    Gase called the trade rumors crazy talk.


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