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Thread: Has this been posted? See Ryan Shazier stand up on his own ...

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    Has this been posted? See Ryan Shazier stand up on his own ...

    I swear to goodness, this is just about a tear jerker. I also love how his wife is so proud of him, and after he sits back down that real quick look they share together.

    Sorry if this has been posted already ...

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    Wow.......Hope he makes it.
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    Nice good to see

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    He’s making amazing progress! SHALIEVE!!!

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    Amazing. What an amazing guy!

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    God bless that kid!

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    What a fighter! Can't stop; Won't stop! Great for him.

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    Thanks for posting.


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    I’m always sceptical over reports of ‘great progress’, but you have to admit- given the circumstances, that’s indeed ‘great progress’.

    Seen him standing with Ben’s help, thought to myself that Ben’s strong enough to hold him up. But his wife? That’s just giving him some stability on his feet. He’s getting stronger all the time. Not sure what it means for any kind of football career, but it certainly shows that there is a significantly more hopeful future for Ryan Shazier.
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    Kevin Colbert confirms Ryan Shazier won’t play in 2018

    Posted by Josh Alper on February 28, 2018, 11:22 AM EST

    Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has made progress since having spinal surgery in the wake of the injury he suffered against the Bengals during the regular season, but there’s been no sign that he’ll be able to resume his playing career in 2018.

    On Wednesday, Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert confirmed that isn’t going to change. Colbert said in Indianapolis that Shazier will not play at all next season.

    Shazier’s $8.7 million salary for the upcoming season is guaranteed against injury under the terms of the fifth-year option that the team exercised before last season. Colbert said that Shazier will remain with the organization as he continues his rehab and will have some off-field role with the team during that process.

    Shazier said recently that he still plans on returning to the field, although he has yet to progress to walking on his own and that’s one of several milestones he’d have to hit before there’s a chance of that happening.
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