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Thread: Who Has a Better Chance ...

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    Who Has a Better Chance ...

    ... of beating the Patriots? Eagles or Vikings?

    I'd say Eagles -- with Carson Wentz at QB. But since he isn't going to be playing, I'll say the Vikings have the better chance of taking down Darth Vader.

    But that chance probably approaches that of the proverbial snowball in you-know-where.

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    Here's the problem for me. Hate the patriots. hate the eagles. don't care about the vikings. so c'mon Case Keenum!!!

    watching that video earlier of philly fans flipping off, throwing bottles and dousing vikings fans with beer as they walk in - it's a no class disgusting city and the idea those fans could celebrate a lombardi, well - that would be awful.

    and yes, I lived near philly for 8 years while stationed in New Jersey. I have a higher opinion of Haiti than I do of philly - and I've been to Haiti as well.......


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    I like Keenum. Gotta root for the underdog at this point. Undrafted. Came out of nowhere and is having a heck of a season.

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    JAX was the best chance to knock down NE. Don't see either remaining team having much of a chance. Though it would be OK to see Brady get roughed up a bit in the game.

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    Maybe Brady will win another one and retire? citing boredom as the primary reason lol.

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    Not likely to happen but you have to think that the Vikings playing at home with HFA is a big bonus. They are getting handled in Philly though.


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    Vikings are done. Philly wife is happy. I’m not.

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    Gotta give Philly credit. They lost their franchise QB...and kept plugging away. If they can close the game out, they are well deserving of the SB appearance.

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    Eagles are going to get mangled by the patriots . This will be one of the most predictable Super Bowls in a long time.

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    I hate both teams so I’ll work on my taxes during the Super Bowl. Wife will get annoyed at me for not watching the Eagles. Oh well. lol


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