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Thread: Ben's post game remarks

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    Ben's post game remarks

    Talking about the fake clock at the end was called from the sidelines.... Rodney Harrison was saying he wasn't buying it, considering Eli Rogers looked to be running his route from the get-go. Do you think it was (called by the coach)?

    My thing is, if it was, does it make them look bad (since it was picked)? Should Ben (again, if it was the case) just tow the company line?
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    It may have been called, but he threw into a crowd after double clutching it. If it wasn’t there right from the start, throw it away. Ben played awesome tonight. But that last play is on him.


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    Definitely bad play by Ben.
    I heard him say to a reporter the fake was on him...
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Wrong pattern, wrong throw, wrong result, in that situation you throw the fade, if your guy catches it, great, otherwise its incomplete, you kick the FG and play extra football.


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    Ben has been winning games to get us to 11-2 by throwing *lots* of high risk passes. It's easy to b*tch about what a stupid throw that was, but our record isn't 11-2 if he hadn't been throwing passes just like that the whole year.

    He is who he is. He still may get us to Lombardi #7 ...

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    I don't think it matters who called the play, I don't mind going for the win in that spot it just didn't work out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.wizard View Post
    I don't think it matters who called the play, I don't mind going for the win in that spot it just didn't work out.
    "Just didn't work out"...

    How bout calling a play that's got a real chance of not losing the game for us, right??? (See Pappy's post above). Still trying to figure out why we'd run a route in traffic like that... with only 1 receiver even running a route. One of the worst play calls/plays I've ever seen in close to 40 years of watching this team.

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    wasn't the ball on the money to WR..but PI was not called??????

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    Ben blew it. Not Haley. Not Tomlin. Time was ticking. It's not like the coaches had a ton of time to come up with the perfect play. It is Ben's responsibility to see that the play was not working and throw it out the back of the end zone.

    This is one side of Ben I have always hated. He played a great game. No knowledgeable fan would be too hard on him because they understand that we are not in that position without him. No need to blame the call when it was the pass that was intercepted.

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    I said in the chat room that we needed to have another play ready because it was going to be overturned. We had more than enough time to have a play called but everyone was looking for a miracle. when they should already know the leagues favorite QB usually gets that call.
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