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Thread: From NFL SOBs to Puerto Rican Ingrates

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    From NFL SOBs to Puerto Rican Ingrates

    Seems like the NFL is now off the hot seat and we can go back to watching football.

    Sure some fans went over board and burned their NFL merchandise (which I'd be these people are going to end up buying back and spending more eventually) and booed players in Baltimore for kneeling and praying before the NA. But all in all, I think this is behind us. We can forget NFL players are SOBs, just like we forget it's appropriate to grab attractive women by the p#ss$ and countless other things that happened a long long several weeks or months ago (ancient history).

    The enemy this week is the Puerto Ricans. An island of ingrates. For all the SOBs in the NFL, there's a new boogeyman or enemy of our flag. The people of Puerto Rico can rest assured that they'll soon be forgotten and replaced by a new group with our nation's wrath in short order.

    For us football fans, we can get back to the NFL being an escape. Overall this will turn out to be a positive. More fans tuned in to see what the players will do during the NA. Now a bunch have essentially lit up hundreds or thousands of dollars in merchandise that will need to be replaced and should provide a bump in NFL merchandise sales.

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    It was collusion ... between Trump and NFL owners to boost flagging merch sales. Nicely done!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!



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