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Thread: exactly what is the protesting actually doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan View Post
    Maybe they just think black looks slimming on them, and they let it get to their heads.
    Black doesn't exactly look slimming
    -- chubby black dude
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    Steelers icon, Vietnam vet Rocky Bleier on NFL protests: ‘It should have never gotten to this point’

    Shutdown Corner Anthony Sulla-HeffingerShutdown CornerOct 26, 2017, 12:29 PM
    Rocky Bleier, a member of the 1970s Steelers dynasty and a military veteran, offered his thoughts on player protests. (AP)
    Rocky Bleier, a member of the 1970s Steelers dynasty and a military veteran, offered his thoughts on player protests. (AP)
    Few people involved in the NFL’s ongoing national anthem debate are as qualified to discuss the subject as former Pittsburgh Steelers halfback Rocky Bleier.
    Bleier, 71, served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam War. He lost part of his right foot due to a combat injury and had to fight his way back into the NFL after returning from the battlefield.
    For Bleier, a four-time Super Bowl champion, the situation is very much cut and dry, and he sees a “simple” solution to the issue that has plagued the NFL for the past 14 months.

    “It’s very simply this: This is a workplace, you are at the stadium, you are working that day, this is not a platform for protest,” Bleier told Yahoo Sports. “The American people, they can’t go to their workplace and start to protest about whatever may be happening in their life. That wouldn’t be allowed and that shouldn’t be allowed in the NFL.
    “It’s not a violation of the First Amendment at all. You have off days, you can do it outside of the stadium or on other platforms, but not the gameday platform. It’s a very simple question and people are making it more complex than it really is.”
    While Bleier’s opinion on the subject tends to lean toward supporting the stance of team owners like Jerry Jones and fans who are openly critical of anthem protesters, he acknowledges that there is plenty of blame to go around on this issue.
    “The was a lack of leadership there on the owners’ side as well as the Players Association long before to nip whatever was coming down the road after the Colin Kaepernick situation a year ago, in the bud,” Bleier said. “It should never have gotten to this point, nobody has stepped up to say ‘No, this is not what we do on gameday.’”
    Military veterans express what the American Flag means to them
    After Kaepernick’s protest began in August 2016, the movement grew little over the course of last season. The protests grew this season as the former 49ers quarterback remained unemployed and exploded when President Donald Trump made a derogatory reference to NFL players at a political rally last month.
    “It was a year ago that Kaepernick took a knee, so if you’re the commissioner or an owner, you have to be proactive in saying this: ‘If it never happens again, fine, but if it does, what is our position?’” Bleier said. “Somewhere along the line I have not seen the leadership maybe I expected from the commissioner and the owners in this situation.”
    Since Trump’s comments and his repeated attacks on the NFL, owners and players have met to discuss how to address the social injustices that Kaepernick began protesting last season. Despite not having a job in the league and having filed a lawsuit against the NFL alleging collusion, Kaepernick was invited to attend the next meeting between the NFL and the players coalition next week. Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported Kaepernick plans to attend.
    With dialogue lines open, there is hope for a resolution.
    “You can’t allow it to continue to drag on,” Bleier said. “Otherwise, it will be like an open sore that heals and if you peel off the scab again and it will continuously be there.”
    Rocky Bleier will be in attendance at Empire City Casino in Yonkers, New York for Sunday night’s Steelers-Lions contest and will take part in a meet-and-greet with fans at Dan Rooney’s Sports Bar from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. ET.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    They aren't anti government.. they are anti Trump government. They are very much pro government.
    You've hit the nail on the head. They couldn't be more for the government. Only not any government, but their own. Because they know best, according to them.

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    NEW YORK — Beyonce presented Colin Kaepernick with Sports Illustrated's Muhammad Ali Legacy Award on Tuesday night, and Kaepernick promised that “with or without the NFL's platform, I will continue to work for the people.”
    Beyonce was brought out as a surprise presenter by comedian Trevor Noah. She said she was “proud and humbled” to present the award.
    “Colin took action with no fear of consequence or repercussion,” Beyonce said. “Only hope to change the world for the better. To change perception, to change the way we treat each other. Especially people of color.”
    Last year's Ali Award winner, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, called Kaepernick a “worthy recipient” during a video tribute.
    “He fully embraced the risk to his career in order to remind Americans of the systemic racism that was denying African Americans their opportunities to equal education, jobs, health and even their lives,” Abdul-Jabbar said.
    Kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem last season to protest racial inequality and police brutality. The demonstration sparked a wave of protests by NFL players during the anthem that repeatedly have been denounced by President Donald Trump.
    Kaepernick parted ways with the San Francisco 49ers in March and hasn't been signed by another team. He filed a grievance against the NFL in October alleging that he remains unsigned as a result of collusion by owners following his protests.
    He spoke Tuesday about continuing Ali's legacy for fighting social injustice, saying the boxing great “mentored me without ever meeting me.”
    “The footprints he leaves are large,” Kaepernick said, “and his life is and has been a multi-textured tapestry that is rich in love, wisdom, life lessons and human kindness. I can only hope that I'm taking steps toward walking on the footsteps that he has left behind for the world to follow.”
    Kaepernick skipped the red carpet prior to the show and was not available for questions. The awards show will be broadcast Friday night on NBC Sports Network.
    Kaepernick also recently was honored by the ACLU of Southern California with the Eason Monroe Courageous Advocate Award and was named GQ magazine's “Citizen of the Year” for his activism, which included pledging $1 million to “organizations working in oppressed communities.”
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+€# up and wear it.

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    The Argument that Americans can not protest at their jobs is just factually wrong. Americans can protest at their jobs as long as it's permitted by their employer and in the case of standing for anthem, I would actually argue that most places of business would not force it's employees to stand. Also with all due respect to Rocky Bleier, the NFL is a platform, it's actually an enormous platform that reaches millions of people. It still baffles me that people think that silencing the protesters is the best way to deal with the protests instead of actually dealing with problems being protested.


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