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Thread: Game Day Chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    I wouldn't even suit up anymore if I were Juju. Since we won't possibly throw a pass farther than the line of scrimmage, he's pretty much a waste of a roster spot. (Yep, he's on my fantasy team)
    Mine too, but I benched him this week in favor of Chark

    Playing against Conner though, and he's out whole O. Rather the good guys win though

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    I'm up north deer hunting. No TV. Listening to it on the he radio. Sounds like defense still rolling and Connor running decent.

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    Can't take Big Dan!

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    I just wonder if Benny Snell will still be part of the game with Conner back now.
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    I can't believe the Steelers drafted that bum in the first round.

    what was Tomlin thinking?
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    Mason Rudolph and Baker Mayfield will be going at it for the next decade or so.
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    Anybody here?

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    I'm here, but this isn't chat ... it's just a regular thread

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    I can’t find the chat I am on my phone

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    Get the first down

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    Maybe with ben ou they will open up the passing game and thro more than 3 yards downfield


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