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Thread: Our 7th rounder...Keion Adams

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    With Odeniyi showing some skills that's 4 guys ifo of Adams and the rookie Smith has upside n he appears to be "special teams ready" and for a back up lb that is almost a must. Fate of Adams was set. He should wind up in another camp. You never know for sure. Smith I believe will have a shot based on his motor, tackling skills and his ability to bend the arc which he did well at a lower level but did it as well against the Florida States of the college world as well.

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    JEFF WELLER FROM COLUMBUS, OH: The last bit of info I remember hearing about Keion Adams was positive. What happened or was this just a numbers issue?

    ANSWER: In the NFL, players either are continuing to get better or they are in danger of getting bypassed. Evidently, Keion Adams wasn’t getting better, and the Steelers decided to go in another direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    , but he has never even spent one day on our active 53 man roster.
    what's with the "showed promise" stuff then if he's never even been in a reg season game... i figured i'd just missed those flashy playoff moments from him.
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