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Thread: I have all the threads for the Steelers splash plays in tonights game vs Panthers...

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    I have all the threads for the Steelers splash plays in tonights game vs Panthers...







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    Great compilation, period !

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    There was a good commercial. Don't be so negative!
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    I feel bad for the Steelers fans who actually shelled out money to watch that crap at Heinz Field.

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    It's been a long time since I had season tickets but I thought preseason games came with the package. Anyway, I wouldn't shell out for a ticket to any preseason game unless I had to.

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    The only reason to watch preseason games is to check out draft picks and 2nd year vets. If you're a football junkie they are some of the best games to watch, because you can focus on one guy for a series or two and not worry about missing important game action. If you go as a casual fan, you're wasting your time and money.


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    6.173) Wesley Johnson - OT
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    7.230) Rob Blanchflower - TE

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    Preseason is not just for individual players it's about having a good game plan against the other team as
    well as coaching....working as a team to win....

    you win games working as a team, executing and having discipline.

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    The defense has some individual talent for sure but collectively they are a soft batch of cookies.


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