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Thread: A JJ supporter who must admit concern

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    A JJ supporter who must admit concern

    I loved the pick of J. Jones last year. I have always maintained you can't judge a rookie in Labuees D. He showed flashes down the stretch last year. Then, word out of camp was that JJ was coming on, looking like a beast this year. I thought he would prove, this year, that he was a great draft pick....and then, watching him this preseason, he looks exactly as bad as his critics have contended all along: Can't move anyone, can't penetrate, and has always no burst if he does some how. The JJ I am seeing looks just as his detractors have been asserting: bounces off OTs like he is a BB, just can't move anyone or get near the QB, at all.

    I am not admitting defeat just yet, but I am saying I might have to admit soon I was wrong. We will soon see.

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    The dude has played about 3 total quarters so far this preseason. Let's revisit this at the end of the season. If he doesn't show improvement in his second year, there will be some cause for concern. Anything before that and I'm not sweating it.

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    I think he'll have at least 10 sacks this year as long as he stays healthy.

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    I just can't take a post seriously from someone who immaturely misspells Dick LeBeau's name...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    I just can't take a post seriously from someone who immaturely misspells Dick LeBeau's name...
    Lol. Seriously? Are you gay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolie Man View Post
    Lol. Seriously? Are you gay?
    Lol. Seriously? Are you twelve?

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    He may be good or he may be bad, but that will be a determination for after his 3rd year. To make it now or even after this year would be premature. Let the guy play some games and we'll revisit this thread.
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    I was neutral on him being picked last year (I was with the EIFERT crowd or taking a Left tackle).... JJ is too thin for my taste.. But i figure to give him a chance.. I am pulling for him but when all is said and done, I don't think he is going to live up to his draft status..

    Yah, it's still early in the running.. I hope he works out.
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    How can someone get stronger when his arms are the same size? which TELLS me this cat is not dedicated. Bust written all over him.

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    I thought Jones got reasonable penetration last season but was unable to get to the QB because the DL couldn't collapse the pocket.

    I don't think we see the best of any of the LB's until the DL is sorted out.
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