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Thread: Twitter: @Bouchette. Bell and Blount charged with weed possession

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinCole View Post
    "Why would I be getting high if I had to make it to my game?" That is a very good question. Why WOULD you?
    Hopefully, that's what Tomlin was asking him.

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    Tomlin: Bans for RBs 'on the table'

    Updated: August 25, 2014
    By Scott Brown |

    Tomlin: Steelers May Suspend Bell, Blount

    PITTSBURGH -- The Steelers could be without one or both of their top running backs when they open the regular season in two weeks against the visiting Cleveland Browns.

    Steelers coach Mike Tomlin reiterated Monday that Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount will be punished after getting arrested on marijuana possession charges Wednesday, shortly before the team flew to Philadelphia for a preseason game the following night. Tomlin said the Steelers have not ruled out suspending Bell, who was also charged with driving under the influence, and Blount.

    "Everything's on the table," Tomlin said.

    Steelers president Art Rooney II indicated Monday that the Steelers would move deliberately when considering discipline for the pair.

    "There are parts of this that are going to have to go through the legal process and the league review process," Rooney II told on Monday. "We'll just have to deal with it as that process unfolds."

    Bell and Blount are the only running backs on the Steelers' roster who have any NFL carries, and losing one or both of them would be a significant blow to an offense that wants to establish the run this season.

    The two players are also subject to NFL discipline, though a league suspension probably wouldn't be levied until next season.

    Bell and Blount each played extensively in the Steelers' 31-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday night. After the game, Tomlin said he played the two because he didn't view sending them home as punishment.

    Tomlin said Bell and Blount will be "dealt with swiftly," though the punishment won't be disclosed unless the Steelers suspend one or both of the players.

    Bell and Blount apologized Thursday night for causing a distraction, but neither would answer any questions that were not football-related.

    Steelers players have said that the Bell and Blount arrests have not been a distraction.

    "We don't spend a lot of time talking about what happens off the field. Obviously what's going to those guys is going to happen to those guys, and nothing we can do or say here is going to change that," veteran wide receiver Lance Moore said.

    "We're not going to disown them or treat them differently. Obviously it's a situation that we would like to have not have happened, something that maybe could have been avoided. They made a decision, [but] once we walk through these doors, it's all work."


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    I don't know what its like up in Pittsburgh, but Atlanta sports radio is saying the Steelers messed up big time not holding these two out of the preseason game - that they lost respect by not taking immediate action. I don't get it.

    What shows that the team is more serious about this issue - holding two RBs out of a preseason game, or suspending them for week 1 of the regular season, when they would lose a game check and it would seriously affect the team's ability to win that game?

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    Should have held them out of the preseason game AND suspended them for regular season games...I'd say a four-game suspension, docking them 1/4 of their season's pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    Should have held them out of the preseason game AND suspended them for regular season games...I'd say a four-game suspension, docking them 1/4 of their season's pay.
    4 game suspension? LOL... no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    4 game suspension? LOL... no.
    Yea, 4 games is a bit harsh, Bell might get something a little more than Blount, but I can't see either exceeding 2 games, my guess would be 1 for Beavis (Bell) and a fine for Blounthead (Blount).


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    I feel the same way I felt when this happened.
    Something needs to be done and if they want to show up the Commish they should do it the Steeler way and not the NFL way.

    No Pool in the locker room for the entire year isn't going to cut it for me.

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    No way you hold them out of a pre season game. they need the practice and the reps...
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    Other than Brett Keisel the majority of the current team and the league is made up of the so-called Millenial Generation so we should just get used to this kind of stuff now.

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    This isn't the XFL where this kind of thing would be ok.
    This is the NFL and it stand for NOT FOR LONG. LOL Sorry couldn't resist.

    Anyway when you have NFL Challenge for kids and you have an entire MONTH of Pink Ribbon games you can't have this type of behavior. If you want to remove those types of programs from the NFL then sure have them ridin dirty in the streets of Pittsburgh.


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