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Thread: 2014 First Impression ?

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    2014 First Impression ?

    Okay Steeler Fans, what is your first impression of what you seen last night ? Will Tomlin have his team ready for the season opener or will this be the fourth season in a row the Steelers lose their first game of the season ? Some say preseason games are junk games but I say " no". These games show the foundation of the teams abilities and quality.

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    I love what I saw, this team is fast and exciting.

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    My first impression,The Steelers are going to be much better at running the ball this season. This Offense has some real play makers and could be something special.Seeing Spence on the field running around,making plays is nothing short of a miracle.

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    Spence had some rock solid hits last night. A disgruntled Vince Williams could find himself behind Spence in the depth chart.

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    Overall, I felt really good about the Steelers. I think we learned some things. Tuitt is young and will make mistakes but I don't see how you keep him off the field. Spence might make letting Worilds leave next season an easy thought. Archer...he is going to be a phenom. I like the swag Mitchell brings to this D. The running game looked good.

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    Hey Roger...
    I fell asleep and missed the first half on NFLN replay. Glad to hear so many positives, so why did we lose? Seems to me like Gradkowski is not a great backup QB. Nor is Jones.
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    Last night, I think I saw:

    -Ben will have a great season
    -Bell and Blount will be hard to handle
    -Archer is going to be more exciting than any player we have seen in years
    -Antonio is ready to go already
    -Wheaton can be legit #2 and Bryant's size can create real problems for DBs
    -OL is still work in progress
    -Did we have any TEs playing last night? Didn't see anything
    -Was there even an OL playing when Landry Jones was at QB

    -Tuitt is the real deal
    -Maybe, just maybe and hopefully, J Jones did get better
    -Secondary still cause angst, but Mitchell is so much faster than Clark
    -McCullers could be really good, but will take some time
    -Timmons got held in a major way on the 73 yard run--no call
    -Spence can be solid back up

    -Not sure about Wing yet, but his hang time on kicks is going to make it really hard on opponents
    -Bryant shouldn't return punts
    -Teams are already afraid to kick to Archer...lots of out of the end zone kicks coming

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    Miller and speath played, Bruce overthrew speath in stride in the end zone I believe

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    Wheaton is looking like a legit #2...

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    Gradkowski threw a lot of back-footed balls last night. Not sure his arm is strong enough to be accurate that way.


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