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Thread: Steelers vs Giants

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    steel... pm sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetruthteller View Post
    Has everyone had enough of Todd Haley, and his PATHETIC Offensive calls ?...especially on 3rd downs ? Please can we get a REAL OC!!
    Some people will never let a coach out of the doghouse. Haley had a vision but not the players to execute it the first year. In the second half of last year it really started to gel.

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    Do they steelers carry 3 qbs or let Landry walk.

    Waste of a pick IMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelwolf View Post
    Do they steelers carry 3 qbs or let Landry walk.

    Waste of a pick IMO
    they'll give Landry Jones another year, if he doesn't develop then the Steelers may once again be looking to draft another QB they can groom behind Ben in next year's draft.

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    Whimper has fallen off blocks and has spent to much time bending at the waist, needs to move those feet better of he will not b around long.

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    Hard to tell with landry our o-line is not blocking anyone

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    McCullers is getting off the ball quicker. That's good to see.

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    Nice to see our young defense playing hard, nice defensive TD

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    3rd string O line in there not doing to bad.

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    Pretty clean game injury wise....which, to me, is the main goal.


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