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Thread: 7/30 Camp report

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    7/30 Camp report

    Had to get some dinner so sorry it took a while to get this to you.

    Steelers ran a few 1-4-6 line ups today. One down lineman, 4 lb's n 3S n 3 cb's. Always fired at least 2 backers out of this formation. A few times the 1 dl would stay in a stand up set. Unusual but the idea is to keep the O guessing.
    Blanchflower in a walking boot and did not play at all along with Bell and Goodwin who set out. Foster was back.

    Harris who just signed broke a 15 yd run after contact in live 11 on 11. He also caught 2 balls and looked good for day 1.
    Blount was the main back and he impressed with his burst a few times. He is quick for one so large. Ran a wheel and hauled in a nice pass from Ben.
    Wheaton was excellent again today toasting Ike on one play deep and making a diving sideline grab, He also caught punts while holding 4 other footballs. Fun stuff that AB did the last few years. Wheaton ,AB and JB were last guys to leave the field again today.
    Moye wasn't as good today as Monday as he was covered well by Ike and then by Blake. Blake working with 2nd team today and showed tight coverage.
    Bryant looked much better today. Beat Ike on a comeback route and was catching the ball away from his body. Made one over the shoulder grab and took it 2 the house. He has that extra gear.
    Johnson played some center today. He did well. In 1 on 1 he also did well in pass protection stoning Arnfelt and C Carter.
    Arnfelt has not been able to get off blocks. Carter just can't turn the corner in pass rush drills and doesn't counter well. Moats won a few 1 on 1 with speed rushes and looks to at least be a solid vet back up olb.
    Mauro stays on his feet well but hasn't flashed. Tuitt and McCullers again were disruptive and Tuitt has a real burst.
    JJ beat McCray twice on pass rush moves inside and outside. He seems to be improving. Made a few tackles in the 11 on 11 live today.
    Dangerfield had a pick in 7 on 7 in cover 1. He showed good range and flashed for 2nd practice in a row now. Some guy wearing 43 also had a pick 6. I think he's a keeper.
    Howard Jones is a cat quick olb. He turns the corner well on pass rush drills and looks quick on special team coverage. Garvin had a good special team showing. He is running 3rd string though at ilb.
    Waters the f/a te has looked fluid as a receiver and is not a bad blocker. Paulson can catch but his blocking is below ave imho.
    Kickers and punters got some work in today. Wing has excellent hang time on his punts.
    Dri looks to be the #1 returner. He has shown good hands to this point.
    Landry Jones made some good reads and nice tosses today. He can spin it well. Kay has not been that sharp. Camp arm it seems.
    For the 2nd straight day C Allen looks to be our best corner. Ike has not been able to stay with some of our speed receivers, it's only practice but I am concerned that he has lost a step.
    McClendon n C Thomas have been okay but have not flashed. I will say this if McClendon is 320 Thomas is 350. Thomas is huge and looks more like a NT.
    Lance Moore signed a bunch of autographs for kids at the end of practice. He is a small guy but his hands and route running is very good. He caught one long ball today and took it to the house.
    Joey Porter doing push ups in the middle of special team practice today. Joey being Joey!!!!

    That's it for today. I'll try it again Thursday.

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    Thanks for the writeup.....
    Im heading to Latrobe FRiday but won't be as kind as you are...LOL
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Thanks for the report. Is it sounding like Ike is getting burn't a lot?

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    Good stuff, brother. Keep it a-comin'.
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    If anyone who is headed to camp before I get there, could get some looks at my buddy Will Simmons (OG/OT) an UFA out of East Carolina that would be great. He should be wearing #65...There may be a couple of 65's.... thanks.
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    Keep the reports coming, thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfelix73 View Post
    If anyone who is headed to camp before I get there, could get some looks at my buddy Will Simmons (OG/OT) an UFA out of East Carolina that would be great. He should be wearing #65...There may be a couple of 65's.... thanks.
    Simmons was one of the first guys out on the field Wednesday and I saw him taking extra reps after practice on Monday working with a few of the other O linemen. Watched him more on 7/28...... see my write up for that day.
    We all like players with good work habits. I'll see if I can watch him closer in today's practice.

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    Great stuff. Thanks for taking the time. Much appreciated. I found some camp notes on some guys. Anything you really agree with (or disagree)?

    Arthur Moats continues to excel in the backup outside linebacker role.

    Possibly the most impressive of this group has been Terence Garvin. He has been flying around the field and laying down some good hits.

    Spence - There are no signs that he has slowed down as he is flying around the field. He is willing to stick his nose right in the action and has looked good running from sideline to sideline.

    Jones (QB):
    While he has moved well around the pocket, he has had to scramble because of the failure to pull the trigger quickly. Threw an int directly into Polamaluís stomach with no receivers in the area. Though he wasnít terrible, he didnít look the part of a No. 2 quarterback either.

    Antonio Brown has been uncoverable during drills and has never looked better.

    Markus Wheaton continues to demonstrate why he should be the No. 2 receiver. Has caught just about everything that has come his way.

    Moore has been a nice addition to the slot position where he has been excellent running routes across the middle of the field. He has developed chemistry with Roethlisberger already and always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

    D line:
    Stephon Tuitt continues to push for a starting job. He was flat out dominate at times and did a good job applying pressure from the outside.

    Daniel McCullers had the best practice of his young career. He continually collapsed the pocket with his sheer size and attempted to get his arms up in passing lanes

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    These types of reports are exactly why I (along with several others) come to this forum. Thanks for sharing guys, and keep it coming!!

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    Great report.

    Got the same feeling about Dri on day 1. This kid is the real deal and will be SPECIAL!


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