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Thread: Call me a hypocrite if you like...

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    Call me a hypocrite if you like...

    After arguing the relevance of "Tebowing" in the negative for as long as I can remember, I'm going to now suggest that it might not be the absolute worst ever move to invite him along in training camp as the 4th QB... see what he can do.

    At worst, he can't beat out Landry Jones.

    But then, maybe he can be the 3rd QB?

    Or the new Slash?

    I see he's been working out, wants back into the NFL..

    I can't imagine he'd be a bad locker room influence.

    And this is a team that is transitioning 'leadership'. Maybe Tim Tebow 'could' provide a little locker room leadership if given the opportunity?

    He's no threat to take over Ben's job, the pressure is off him 'having' to succeed.

    I can't see how it would be a bad move.
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    The only way it would be a bad move is if Ben and Bruce both got hurt and Tebow was our 3rd string
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    Wouldn't Hurt....i could use him on Madden.
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    We don't need the media circus from a 4th string qb who will never play. The only thing you could use him for is short yardage situations but why would you do that when you have bell and you just signed blount.

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    The fact that he couldn't even make the Pats team at all, kind of tells me all I need to know. And heck, even zany Rex Ryan decided to not give him a shot even when he was down to playing a total no one over him. He was one of the greatest college players in the history of the NCAA, but it goes to show you, at QB, college and NFL can be such a different animal. I wouldn't freak out if they gave him a shot. But I am leaning towards it being a potential distraction with little to no high side. IDK, with little high side, I'd say pass; don't risk the slight (at this point) distraction for little hope he will actually offer anything.

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    I'd sign him if he was willing to try out for TE/H-back and play STs. I wouldn't sign him as a QB. Although he could possibly fill in as an emergency QB in the unlikely event the top 2 QBs went down in a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    The fact that he couldn't even make the Pats team at all, kind of tells me all I need to know.
    Maybe he couldn't make the Pats because he wouldn't cheat...

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    "Hes been working out"

    The guys problem has never had anything to do with his work ethic, athletic ability, size, or strength...the guy is huge.

    Hes only every going to be effective in a RB/FB role like Peyton Hillis. He is a hammer when he runs but he cannot throw, cannot read a defense, and is a horrid decision maker

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    he isn't willing to give up his dream of being a QB so it doesn't make sense.


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