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It really is true though. Poz is more of an old school, down hill LBer and I thought he would be great second round pick that year but his game is pretty limited.

Timmons would absolutely be a pro bowler as a WILL backer in a 43, thats the role he was meant to play. He grew into being a hell of a 34 MLB but he was a great WILL prospect

Timmons is very explosive, give you a lot of freedom with how you use him with his speed, and is very good at reading a play. I cannot think of one thing poz does better, and to me that means timmons IS head and shoulders better than poz
I guess you can say it is our definition of head and shoulders. To me, head and shoulders is a prime Patrick Willis or Urlacher, to guys like Poz. When I look at current players, none are "head and shoulders" above. Sure, there are plenty who are better: Patrick Willis (by reputation, but still pretty good), Bowman, Timmons, a few others who escape me right now... Kuechly, maybe Laurenitis, Cushing, etc. But they all are clumped IMO. None stand out among the rest, like say (e.g.) Richard Sherman-Patrick Petersen-Revis do, compared to other current good CBs (e.g.) Ike.

Timmons, at this point in his career, is what he is: a good, solid, quiet veteran. He isn't the dynamic superstar that we hoped he would become when we drafted him... or that we hope Shazier will become.