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Thread: Who would you most like to see the Steelers play in a Super Bowl?

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    Well my gut reaction is WHO CARES AS LONG AS WE WIN. But Arizona would be sweet cause I have family still there, my wife is a cardinals fan and that's who is hosting the big game as well so it would be awesome to fly back and watch it there.

    However, if I had to choose, it would be Dallas or Green Bay because of those being the two losses and a redemption would be sweet. (I was born in '89 so I didn't get to live through the two wins against the Boys)

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    Anyone we would beat. I want nothing to do with another SB loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    lol........that is a tomlin trademark
    He inherited that TM from Cowher...

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    Lions. Their fan base would be ecstatic that they got there in the first place. Besides, they've never been before.

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    Around The Way, OH

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    We owe a buttwhuppin to the Packers. I hope the Cowboys never again get to the Superbowl. Giants would be good by me.

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    I would love to see an old school Steelers vs Dallas or Steelers vs the Raiders.

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    Seahags. They're already talkin' dynasty. Someone needs to knock them down a peg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    He inherited that TM from Cowher...

    along with his superbowl winning players

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    For me in order:

    1. Giants--two traditional classy organizations plus the Rooney-Mara family intermingling would make it interesting

    2. Eagles--always wanted to see a "Battle of the Keystone State" in the SuperBowl. East versus West.

    3. Bears-see #1 minus the family feud
    There is a good chance that the stress leading up to a Keystone SB would put me in the hospital. I can think of little that I'd enjoy more than thrashing the Eagles in a SB, but the stress leading up to it would be unthinkable. And the alternate outcome is too horrifying to consider.


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