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Thread: Ben's best magic trick is making receivers appear much better than they are

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    I don't think Wallace was better. My statement was a counter that Plax was light years ahead of Wallace and IMO that just isn't the case.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    I think the Dolphins regret giving Wallace 50% of his salary. Dolphins fans hate the guys and feel he was a bad investment
    This is absolutely not true, I live here in palm beach and the talk is about tannehill and their dreadful o-line. I watched every dolphins game last season and mike was opened a lot last season but tannehill couldn't hit anyone. Not to mention the dolphins where hell bent on trying to pound the rock behind a terrible o-line which eventually got the coordinator fired. Dolphins had a ton of problems last season but mike Wallace was not one of them.

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    Talent wise, Plax was way ahead of the game as a pure WR. Wallace wasn't dubbed a one trick pony for no reason. Yes, Tomlin was trying to get more out of him by saying that, but it also happened to be true. Burress could stretch the field, run nice routes and be that red zone threat. Not sure how anyone could grade them out to be the same, but it is all subjective.


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