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Thread: Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston all false flags

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    Let me guess, you think "credible sources" are those who serve the establishment, right? What a pathetic way to live. And you have zero idea how duped you are. None.
    Ya Ya Blah Blah Blah you are just like every other idiot conspiracy theorist, every source that says it's a hoax even though they have no evidence, are the credible ones, and the ones that have the facts and police reports are just the "establishment" trying to trick people for some reason only known to conspiracy theorists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.wizard View Post
    for some reason only known to conspiracy theorists.
    The reasons are blatantly obvious. The fact that you don't see the obvious, not-so-hidden agenda is mind-expanding. Your lack of vision is astonishing. Why would they want to make it appear that their is mass gun violence when there is not? Who would gain by making it appear we need massive new gun control laws? You really are just in the dark on a sad level.


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