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Thread: Why is Kaepernick contract a Steeler story?

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    Why is Kaepernick contract a Steeler story?

    I have NFL Network on, and they are reporting on CK's big, new contract. OK. Good for him. I think he is a pretty special QB. He almost won a Super Bowl (some think 9ers were robbed on the no PI call) and came one tipped pass away from beating the eventual Super Bowl champs last year (after which, the Seahawks destroyed Denver).

    So, why is the news of this contract related enough to the Steelers that they did a whole story on it, interviewing Ben etc? Yea, I know, the gist of the story is, "If this non-Super-Bowl-winning QB is worth this much, how much should Ben be worth?" But that is nonsense. We all know the most recent contracts will be higher than deals signed years ago. Who doesn't know this? But here the media takes time to put mics in Ben's grill, asking what he thinks about CK's new deal. Ben just smiles and says something to the effect that Colin is out west and he is in Pgh, and yada, yada, yada, not concerned about what Colin is doing, etc. Doesn't Ben have TWO years left on his deal? Why is this even worth a news story? The media can really be retarded.

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    This got moved why? It is on topic. Oh, but discussion of the Pens is more on topic than this is? OK, there. Sniffing paint is bad for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post

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    o, I am in a fantasy league and there are a few Steeler fans in it. When drafting, I take the BPA as I go. Sometimes, some of those players might be AFCN rivals, but if they are the best pick on the board, I take them. If I feel all things are equal and a Steeler is on the board, I will take them but ONLY if that player is BPA or equal to what's there. Some Steeler fans seem to think if you take rivals, and you end up being happy if they produce, that YOU somehow damaged the Steelers' success.

    That is bat crazy.

    I drafted Ray Rice, because I think he will end up a top 10 RB value this year and I got him late. Sure, he will sit the first two weeks, but I got him so late I don't need him. Others screwed this up, thinking he is suspended 2 games and he wasn't that great last year. Well guess what? My eye test told me Rice is going to be the Rice of 2 years ago; he has dropped the extra LBs that made him lose his burst, and since he dropped the weight, his burst is back. Others were foolish to not realize this. Their loss is my gain. And guess what? Whether or not I root for him to gain yards will have NO impact on how the Steelers do, even if it's when they are going head to head. It doesn't matter. I also got Cleveland's Cameron (although you don't have to start a TE in my league, so I won't use him often, as my WRs and RBs are sick.
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