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Thread: Kaboly: Tomlin’s message to Martavis Bryant …

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    Kaboly: Tomlin’s message to Martavis Bryant …

    Kaboly: Tomlin’s message to Martavis Bryant …

    June 4, 2014 by Mark Kaboly

    Mike Tomlin likes to refer to organized team activities as football in shorts.

    That may be true, but Tomlin has had his moments of forgetting that it is only football in shorts during the first two weeks of OTAs, especially when he sees something on the field that he doesn’t like.

    Saying that, Tomlin really didn’t like what he saw out of rookie fourth-round pick Martavis Bryant during a receiving drill where he didn’t turn up the field quick enough after making the reception for the liking of Tomlin.

    “Finish it 10,” Tomlin barked out to Bryant.

    But Tomlin wasn’t done with the tough love after that.

    Tomlin went on to really let Bryant know that’s not how they do things and pointed out a point of reference just in case.

    “What you need to do is watch 84 and do what 84 does,” Tomlin said about fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown. “You would never see 84 doing that.”


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    nice... if the coach is riding you it's because he see's something in you.

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    I agree... otherwise, Tomlin wouldn't waste his breadth. They have expectations for this kid and rightfully so..


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