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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    2013 - 2001 = ?????? 20? Hmmm, where did you learn math?
    Same place you learned about season tickets... lol.

    I see you ignored the part about Lebeau not being the DC when Bell was here.

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    Complexity might explain only part of JJ's rookie season. Fact is, he physically could not get it done either. Barely sniffing the QB with his pash rush skills.

    [QUOTE]Scouting report: ......He was an elite playmaker as a 3-4 OLB, combining terrific instincts, strong hands and quick feet. He has a natural feel for rushing the passer, mastering the art of the strip sack. .......[/QUOTE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    Actually, Kendrell Bell had a hell of a rookie season. 82 tackles, 9 sacks. Even LeBoo himself said the days of having draft picks sit and learn are over in Pgh. I have a feeling Rooney put his wing tip shoe up his butt to make him say it, but still, at least LeBoo gets it now: We can't afford to have rookies sit anymore. Those days are over, even if it freaks LeBoo out.
    Or maybe the fact that talented rookies like JJ don't perform well in their rookie year shows that DL's philosophy of making players EARN time on the field is better than GIVING it to them based only on pedigree.

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    How about the fact that in college you are not always playing against an NFL caliber tackle. There is something to be said about the difference between a college tackle and a Professional tackle. For some it is the speed of the game, the deer in the headlights, or the slight assignment confusion that limits there first year of output. To many people are beating a dead horse, let the kid have his chance to improve. How many rookies have come out of college and lead the league in sacks and tackles and such. From judging some of the Steelers defensive performances last year nobody on the team was going to lead the league in tackles.

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    People forget that the other team pays their players too. And usually the LT is the highest paid OL on the team. Maybe that's because they're better than they are at the college level.

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