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If you read through...There are people suggesting JH starts. Like I said, Worilds played in more games in the last 4 years than JH & Woodley...That label is what you want it to be. It is very difficult not to put a reserve on a ST come gameday especially with more DBs going active. Have you seen any active LBs in reserve not playing STs? Which is why if JJ & Worilds are healthy...JH might not even get a helmet. He would only be active if JJ or Worilds missed a game.

Give me a guy who can play 1st. The '13 version of JH was even a lesser version of the '12 version. Like I said, JH knows the system. I get that. If they need that guy...He will be on the streets. No need to burn a roster spot on the 53 who may be in street clothes on gamedays. There is no disputing the intangibles JH can bring...But the Steelers need people that can contribute across the board. I get the love of the Wards, Keisels, & JH...But the Steelers come first in my book. Time to move on & Thank them for what they have done. A Smith said it best..."When the Steelers say I can't play anymore....I am done." It happens..It is inevitable! Joey Porter is one year older than JH & he has been out of the league since 2011. Everyone wants to being back one of the oldest player in the league. Would he make the Steelers better between the White lines on Sundays? Not in my book. That's my opinion.

Right on the mark. Harrison had a chance to stay and chose not to, great now lets move on. We don't need a Harrison farewell season. Use that roster spot for someone like Zumwalt who can learn and play special teams. Harrison would not be playing special teams.

We got Porter back as a coach for leadership and to teach. We don't need Harrison too.