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Thread: A colossal part of the problem on D (that no one talks about)

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    Actually, I commented on TP last season and several posters came to his defense saying he was playing really well.

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    Yeah, I remember that, Shawn.

    Here's hoping that with improved play from the front 7, DL won't feel the need to have Troy playing LB and freelancing so much.

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    The problem with our defense is that we are trying to run a 3-4 with average to below average and undersized project linebackers and NO stud NT. End of discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    Yes, we need some upgrades in personnel at the D side of the ball. It seems safe to say we need better DL play, with Hood not cutting it, and perhaps McClendon not good enough. Clark seems fairly ineffective, due to age and/or new rules where you can't hit receivers without getting flagged. ILB was a weakness. OLB not cutting it with JJ being too young/weak and Woodley not being what he used to be.

    So, granted, we need some new players and we got some (but whether we really filled all holes, we will have to see, not sure myself).

    But you know what? We have more problems than just the above; having Troy play all over the place, with seemingly no accountability, killed us. I am not sure what the game plan was. But all I know is, it felt like we were playing 10 men vs. 11 most of the time. TP guessed wrong so often, that a WR was wide open for a huge play. LeBoo is on record for saying that TP is the most instinctual player he has ever seen. Well, maybe the old Troy, but last year was full of TP guessing wrong. Where he once made plays all over, it seemed, more often than not, he was left out in "no man's land" being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And what was with playing him at LB all the time? What was that about? Were they trying to make up for the absence of skill at ILB or something else?

    Fact is, our rushing D fell off a cliff, so, whatever that experiment with TP playing ILB should probably end.

    To my eyes, it wasn't about TP losing a step so much last year; for the first time in a while, I felt TP has his quickness back. But something must change from last season. TP is simply caught guessing wrong, leaving a WR wide open far too often. That game plan is FAIL. If they don't have a better plan than "Let's let Troy roam where ever he wants" then better personnel around him still won't be the answer. I wonder if this is why our D actually got better in 2011 when they had to deal with life without Troy? Could be, that allowing a player to freelance all over hurts more than it helps. Put him in a little more structure than "Let's hope he guesses right" all the time.

    Do that, and the D improves. Do it not, and some better players here and there still won't be the cure.
    Its not that hes getting caught guessing, the problem is QB's no longer have to make quick decisions because we have no pass rush especially right up the middle. So it looks like hes getting caught guessing because hes anticipating routes the qb would try and throw under pressure but when the pressure doesn't get home it looks like hes out of position. So I think we addressed our needs perfectly during the draft.

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    Are we saying that if Troy had played his regular Safety position that this defense would have gotten faster? The front would have stopped guys from running up the middle and there would have been some real pressure put on the Qb? Would that have have lit a fire under Hood and added some bulk to Mclendon? Would that have helped us stop the run because last year we could not?

    Saying that Troy guessing wrong was a Colossal part of our problem is really not being honest about what was happening. The real problem was not Troy guessing wrong but Clark being unable not back him up like he use to. They use to be able to do that, let Troy Gamble and Then Clark use to be able to cover the hole left by him. The problem was not Troy it was the lack of Talent around him. The 3-4 is suppose to be a defense built around the element of surprise and Stong line backer play. We had to play Troy as a line backer so much last year because we didnt have another linebacker who could make plays.

    Tp was the only X-factor on this defense.. How many times did we have to read about the opposing QB knowing exactly what we were going to do.. The defense was old and very predictable.. all the blitzes were being picked up. Teams were punching us in the mouth, taking the game to us because we didnt have the Atheletes to hit them first. We were physically getting our butts kicked on both sides of the ball but especially on Defense.
    Troy, Hayward and Timmons were really the only ones consistently fighting back.. 8 other guys were stinking up the Joint.

    Thats the Colossal problem that nobody is talking about.

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    As I said in the second post in this thread, they addressed this problem in the draft. They might not have solved it but they addressed it. They are well aware that Troy can't be playing Rover all year, thus the selection of two LBs and two large sides of beef to shore up the front seven.

    Really now, "LeBoo" is old but shows no symptoms of senility. If we can see a colossal problem, he sees it too. Probably saw it before we did.

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    Troy's style of play has always been dependent on having a very effective "stay at home" free safety playing in tandem with him. For most of his Steeler career, the "Robin" to his "Batman" has been Ryan Clark. Troy has always been a high risk, high reward type of defender, good for some splashy plays and quite a few big misses. The question is, was the reason the misses were more glaringly prominent last year because Troy was reading more plays wrong? Because he was too slow to make plays due to age? Or did we just see the misses more often because Clark's declining skill set made him less able to cover the mistakes? Given the fact that the team brought in Mike Mitchell, likely the biggest defensive free agent signing since James Farrior, to play Clark's old position, I think it's fairly evident where the FO and coaching staff come down on the question.

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    The key will be Jarvis Jones playing better...

    If defenses have to account for both Jones and Heyward on the same side, it will prevent Worilds from being double teamed on his side...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    Umm, that depends. I don't believe they took an ILB off the field when TP played up there, did they? They could still move TP to ILB like last year, even with a new ILB on the roster, could they not?
    There were packages where Troy was playing as a traditional 3-4 ILB due to the ineffectiveness of Vince Williams and the rest.

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    Sick beats is sick... we addressed this problem in the draft AND in FA.


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