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Thread: Ruthless Post-Draft Mock Draft

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    Ruthless Post-Draft Mock Draft

    After reading the suggestion in another thread that our idiot G.M. & H.C. should have miraculously traded up for Mike Evans, while also somehow still getting Stephon Tuitt, Chris Borland, and Pierre Desir, I thought I'd do my own little exercise in looking at what could have been done differently to address particular needs/wants (but with a more realistic premise instead of coming out of left field from the land of make believe).

    Here is a possibility, based on how the actual draft board fell, in which we could have added 2 CB prospects earlier in the draft than we took Shaq Richardson, while still addressing most of our other needs.

    1. CB Darqueze Dennard. Most folks connected the dots between the Steelers and Dennard prior to the draft, so it seemed like the logical pick here, especially since Gilbert and Fuller were already off the board. Knowing what we know now (with Dallas hot on Shazier's trail at #16 and no one clamoring for Dennard until the Bengals pick in the mid-20's, it's obvious that the Steelers as well as other teams valued Shazier over Dennard, but knowing what I knew last Thursday, I expected the pick to be Dennard (as many of you likely did as well).

    2. DE Stephon Tuitt. I was surprised that both of the ND lineman were available when we were picking in the second, and I would have been happy with either of them. If we took the NT Nix first, then we could have supplemented that with a mid-round DE like Brent Urban or a late round DE like DeAndre Coleman (who I believe actually went undrafted). If we took the DE Tuitt first, then we could have supplemented that with a mid-round NT like Justin Ellis or a late round NT like Daniel McCullers or Zach Kerr. We'll stick with the chalk pick here.

    3c. WR Martavis Bryant. It was a deep draft for wideouts, but that pool was getting shallower by the time our 3rd round comp pick came up at #97 overall (my 3rd round target of choice Donte Moncrief came off the board at #90). The team was struggling to decide whether to take Speedy Smurf Dri Archer here or Bryant, and then luckily enough wound up with both of them. If I were choosing in the late 3rd round, and didn't know who would still be available in the mid 4th, I would take taken Bryant over Archer here. Colbert gambled and won here, but I likely would not have gambled and just taken Bryant here.

    4. CB Pierre Desir. Double down at CB. Both have size and athleticism, with the difference being that our first round pick showed that he can play with best coming from Michigan State in the Big Ten, while Desir comes out of tiny little Lindenwood.

    5. LB Jordan Tripp. He won't wow you like Shazier does, but the Montana product seems like solid value to plug into our defense and special teams from the middle of the draft.

    5c. RB Lache Seastrunk. I had 3rd or 4th round grade on this short, but fast and powerful RB, so getting him late in the 5th round is good value. However, I would want him to be our potential 3rd down pack in the Mewelde Moore, LaRod Stephens-Howling mold to pair with the bludgeoning Bell and Blount, but they never really pass the ball to the RB's at Baylor, so it would be a question mark how well he would be able to do catching passes out of the backfield.

    6. OT Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. A big athletic lineman from Canada. He's raw, but very smart (McGill is essentially the Harvard of Canada), and could be similar to Kelvin Beachum, who was a late round OL find as an intelligent, versatile lineman a couple of drafts ago.

    6c. NT Daniel McCullers. Another chalk pick. Too much value here to pass up.

    7. WR Jeff Janis. Got the size, got the speed, but comes from a small school. Can't believe that Aaron Rodgers got three quality wideouts from this draft to help replace the losses of Greg Jennings and James Jones...Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis, and Jeff Janis. What a coup!

    If Roquan Smith falls to late teens, trade 1.28 & 2.60 to SEA for 1.18 & 4.120:

    1.18 LB Roquan Smith
    3.92 FS Jessie Bates
    4.120 RB Royce Freeman
    5.148 DT Ken Norton
    5.165 TE Chris Herndon
    7.220 WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling
    7.246 OT Brett Toth

    If not:

    1.28 LB Leighton Vander Esch
    2.60 C/G Billy Price
    3.92 FS Jessie Bates
    5.148 DT Ken Norton
    5.165 TE Chris Herndon
    7.220 RB Ito Smith
    7.246 WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling

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    I can honestly say that I like your picks better than what the Steelers got. Of course that doesn't matter now. Besides, I've liked many of their latest draft classes, especially the DeCastro and Mendenhall ones and look how they turned out. The Steelers got who they got and I'm going to cheer them on. I hope the whole class ends up in the HOF.

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    First, why would you take bryant with 3C when he was available with 4? Especially just to squeeze in Dessir, when you've already banked on Dennard. We'd all say the same, but, if i was gonna do this, it would look COMPLETELY different. You suck!

    Second, only time will tell. Remember in 2004 when some wanted Dunta Robinson instead of Ben? Or when 7 WRs went in the first round, but, only Fitz is the one we even remember today?

    Roy Williams, Reggie Williams, Lee Evans, Michael Clayton, Michael Jenkins, Rashaun Woods... Pretty sure every one of these teams was excited based on getting a 1st round WR... Let's get 'em on the field before we criticize.
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    not bad

    and also sign shane skov as UDFA if ur still worried about ILB

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    Does anyone know about the last pick - the TE from UMass? Seems like a throw away pick. Nothing more than a camp body.

    Also, I think Wesley Johnson is going to be a great o-lineman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Does anyone know about the last pick - the TE from UMass? Seems like a throw away pick. Nothing more than a camp body.

    Also, I think Wesley Johnson is going to be a great o-lineman.
    Seemed to be an all-around tight end - a guy who could block and contribute a bit in the receiving game. He had some injury issues I believe which hurt his stock. Certainly not an exciting pick, but he's reputed to be a very physical player, and could easily end up bumping Paulson or Palmer from the roster.

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    Four Reasons to Like Rob Blanchflower:


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    Basicly given the choice of Dri vs Desir I would take Dri. Could be wrong just my thoughts. I like Desir and watched him in one post season game and he played well. He may end up a solid starter and he even may end up as a solid safety so he can be moved around. Dri could be very special however.

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    Yeah Blanchwater was a waste of a pick IMO. real threat to catch the ball. #2 TE at best.
    Round 1-Rashaan Evans-ILB Alabama
    Round 2- Jessie Bates-FS Wake Forest
    Round 3- Kyzir White-SS West Virginia
    Round 5-Shaquem Griffin-OLB Central Florida
    Round 5b- Bo Scarborough-RB Alabama
    Round 7- Richie James-WR/slot/utility-MTSU
    Round 7b- Brett Toth-OT-Army

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Yeah Blanchwater was a waste of a pick IMO. real threat to catch the ball. #2 TE at best.

    Huh ????

    Dude, Blanchwater almost set his school record for Receiving yards. And what is even on your own Mock have Colt Lyerla in round 7...and besides being a outright Criminal and Anti-Social misfit, he has half as many yards as Blanchwater has ????

    Please son, stop drinking in the afternoon!!


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