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Thread: Question from the bench: Why didn't we draft more OL?

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    Question from the bench: Why didn't we draft more OL?

    I saw we drafted Wesley Johnson in the 5th (Munchak big on him here: ) ...

    I was wondering though, given how important it is to keep Ben upright, and the general excess of "averageness" (at best) of our OL now, and how often Ben's been hurt, why didn't we prioritize OL more? I know Ben got through the year without a major injury for once, but does all this mean the FO thinks we're pretty good on the OL now?

    Thanks for any thoughts!

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    I believe Chuck Noll said it best "You can't get everything you need in one draft". Holds true today and with only 7 rounds now well perhaps more so then in the past.

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    Because we have a young OL with many top picks on it.. (DeCastro, Gilbert, Adams, Pouncey) you can only keep so many on the active roster, so why take more? They did add some bodies in UDFA. You have to develop and have some cohesiveness, at some point and this OL is now ready to do that.
    I like where they are right now.
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    mike munchak

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    Johnson can play T, G and C. We got a three-fer. No problema.

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    We'll see what Munchak can do coaching up the guys we have first to see if he can get that potential out of them. I still say that Munchak was our biggest off season acquisition by far (of course, where I come from, there is already a street named after him, so I might be a bit of a homer here).

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    If Munchak can transform Adams from a pylon into a tank, (and keep this OL off of each other's knees), this OL could get to be special.

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    The Steelers Oline played impeccably in the last half of the season. And Ben remained more upright than he ever has during that span. I like the improvement and the upside of this line!

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    Did you see how the offense evolved last season?

    Roethlisberger's air yds per reception was the lowest of his career. He was getting the ball out quickly and relying on playmakers to make plays, taking a page out of TB's book. Running this kind of offense doesn't require an all-pro line, but it would certainly help the run game. Even there, having Dri A in the backfield only requires blocks be held for a split second.

    These are exciting times for an offense that was gaining momentum.


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