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Thread: Grade for Zumwalt

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    Quote Originally Posted by sick beats View Post
    So who wrote this and what are his credentials? Was it written my Bill Polian?
    It was from least as reputable as "Curt Popejoy"...

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    Also, there is footage of Zumwalt as a sophomore running LaMichael James down from behind...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SS Laser View Post
    Couple things I am thinking. 1 there is a practice squad for fringe players. And 2 I think Shazier is poking sick beats mom or sister he is so bitter over a draft pick. ALSO Zumwalt can play OLB or ILB. Maybe he is seen as a BACK UP OLB for the Steelers and special teams demon? Will he become a star. Don't see it happening. But AB was also a late rd pick.
    I think this is why they valued him. He replaces Stevenson Sylvester in terms of backing up both spots and being a special teams guy.
    1. CB – Marcus Peters – Washington – 6/190
    2. OG – Josue Matias – Florida State – 6-6/320
    3. OLB – Geneo Grissom – Oklahoma – 6-4/250
    4. DL – Ellis McCarthy – UCLA – 6-5/330
    5. TE – Jeff Heurman – Ohio State – 6-5/255
    6. FS – Adrian Amos – Penn State – 6/200
    7. DT – Terry Williams – East Carolina – 6-1/340

    DB – Justin Cox – Mississippi St. – 6-2/190
    OLB – Davis Tull – Chattanooga – 6-2/242

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    Quote Originally Posted by focosteeler View Post
    I think this is why they valued him. He replaces Stevenson Sylvester in terms of backing up both spots and being a special teams guy.
    You can say the same thing about Arthur Moats...

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    Yep. One of these guys will be the odd man out...for right now, I'd think Zumwalt would be the one in the most vulnerable position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rara View Post
    Everywhere I read...the Steelers got a B for their draft. Last I checked, a B is really good, no?
    The talking heads say that all of our drafts are awesome to solid because we have been a class franchise for so long even when we are not winning. It's the popular, easy and the "they will not hate me as a journalist, or analyst" thing to do. They do not really care if we build and maintain and elite franchise in terms of on field performance. lol

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    Or, they give their honest opinion of the draft at the time given what they know...

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    5 reasons to like Jordan Zumwalt

    Posted May 10, 2014
    By Mike Prisuta

    The first of two picks in Round 6 brought ILB Jordan Zumwalt to the Steelers

    Why you should be excited about Jordan Zumwalt:

    * He started 30 of 50 games played at UCLA at three different positions, middle linebacker, strong-side outside linebacker and weak-side inside linebacker.

    * Although not an edge rusher, he’s considered to be a player who drops well in coverage and tackles well.

    * Scouting reports projected Zumwalt as a solid, four-special teams player in the NFL.

    * His transition to the NFL could potentially be aided by having played in college in what Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler described as “a very similar defense to what we play here.” Zumwalt’s defensive coordinator at UCLA, Lou Spanos, is a former Steelers defensive assistant. “The nomenclature, a lot of it is the same so it’s probably going to be a pretty easy transition,” Butler added.

    * Zumwalt will “create competition at the inside linebacker position,” in Butler’s estimation.


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    I watch a ton of college football, and I really like this draft. Tuitt in the second round is a thing of beauty. He has first round talent for certain, just an incredible athlete.

    The only pick I hated was the TE Blanchflower or whatever. We did not need another blocking TE who is an average athlete and injury prone. We have enough. The rest of the picks are solid to spectacular in my opinion. Lot of potential to develop starters and key role players out of this group.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.


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