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Thread: McCullers

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    Great value for the end of the 6th round...Does anyone disagree?

    IF Mitchell can coach him up, he could be a steal.

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    Can't say whether I agree or not. Cause I always wonder why a guy (from a major program) is still there. You'd think a guy with his experience and athletic ability would go... no later than 3? Yet he's still sitting there. Makes me wonder why.

    * Actually, I change my mind. It is good value in the 6th.

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    i think he is a bum, but at least we didnt waste a 4th or something

    buddy of mine has done a sports talk show in knoxville for over 20 years and he told me McCullers had to be talked out of quitting the team last year by butch jones. plays with zero intensity.

    hope it works out

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    I don't. But I am SURE " Sick Beat " will find something wrong with him.

    10/08/13 - 2014 NFL DRAFT WEEK 6 STOCK REPORT, NFL PROSPECTS WHO HELPED THEMSELVES: DT Daniel McCullers, Tennessee...Despite its top two rushers sidelined due to injury, Georgia ran for 238 yards against Tennessee on Saturday en route to the 34-31 overtime victory. But it was still a positive performance by McCullers who showed why some view him as a top-50 prospect for May's NFL Draft. He is a double-team magnet with his massive frame and overall length, but he has above average natural power to overwhelm single blocks and win 1-on-1 matchups.

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    Good value late.

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    I like this pick, hope it turns out to be a steal! Nothing wrong with getting defensive tackle depth in the 6th! Also surprised to see we drafted Zumwalt too.
    2018 Steelers draft picks
    RD1- Terrell Edmunds, S; Virginia Tech
    RD2- James Washington, WR; Oklahoma State
    RD3a- Mason Rudolph, QB; Oklahoma State
    RD3b- Chukwuma Okorafor, OT; Western Michigan
    RD5a- Marcus Allen, S; Penn State
    RD5b- Jaylen Samuels, RB; NC State
    RD7- Josh Frazier, DT; Alabama

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    The North Carolina prep began his college career at Georgia Military College in 2010, weighing nearly 400 pounds when he arrived on campus. As a freshman, he appeared in eight games and had 27 tackles, four tackles for loss and three sacks with four passes batted, one interception and one forced fumble. Became a top junior college recruit in '11, recording 37-9-2 in 10 games. Transferred to Tennessee in '12 and won the starting nose tackle job in camp, registering 39-5.5-1 with one pass batted, one forced fumble and one blocked kick in 12 games (seven starts). Started 12 games in '13 and had 33-4.5-.5 with one blocked kick. Did not run at the NFL Scouting Combine because of a strained right hamstring.


    Rare size with vines for arms, an enormous wingspan and exceptional mass to occupy space and hold up multiple blockers -- has clear two-gap potential. Looks every bit the part with a relatively lean build for a 350-pounder -- carries his weight well with some muscle definition and good overall body thickness. Can overpower zone blockers with sheer size. Very durable and has not missed any games to injury throughout his career. Weaknesses

    Lets his pads rise (first move is up), gets outleveraged and does not hold his ground as well as a man his size should. Gets turned out of the hole and sealed. Duck-footed short-stepper with limited play range -- does not make plays outside the box. Average body power to roll his hips and generate torque. Limited pass-rush potential (confirmed by 1.5 career sacks) -- is late off the ball, does not collapse the pocket and stays blocked too long. Must improve his hand use to disengage. Exited high school pushing 400 pounds and weight has fluctuated in the past. Draft Projection

    Rounds 2-3 Bottom Line

    A big-boned, short-area plugger with some underachiever traits, McCullers has raw tools that could become special if he learns to harness the innate strength in his body and pairs with a DL coach who can refine his mechanics.

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    If we scouted Tenn hard we may go Tenn again in the 7th.

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    Ed Bouchette‏@EdBouchette·2 mins
    With Casey Hampton, Steelers had Big Snack, With 360 Daniel McCullers than now have Big Mac

    Good one Ed!!

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    Polian and Kiper seem to really like him. Both said he lasted this long because the Nose tackle position is so devalued these days. Said 10-15 years ago he'd have been picked much higher.

    Great value pick.


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