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Thread: Why does this team not prioritize the CB position?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobinCole View Post
    Sicko: I didn't say anyone will "have to learn new positions". It is helpful when they can should the need arise. Several have already played more than one position in college. Try to keep up.
    It doesn't matter if YOU said it or not; fact is, this team does it all the time and you know it. How many times have we taken college DEs and made them switch to OLB? And it's like a science project every time.

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    When did we do that with CBs?

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    Beats, chill dude...I haven't been complaining since Thursday and I'm already over the Shazier pick. Could Shazier could be a really good linebacker next to Timmons. Just really hoping he becomes as good as Bowman.

    Anyways, the only pick I am still confused about is the Dri Archer pick...besides that, I love every pick!
    2018 Steelers draft picks
    RD1- Terrell Edmunds, S; Virginia Tech
    RD2- James Washington, WR; Oklahoma State
    RD3a- Mason Rudolph, QB; Oklahoma State
    RD3b- Chukwuma Okorafor, OT; Western Michigan
    RD5a- Marcus Allen, S; Penn State
    RD5b- Jaylen Samuels, RB; NC State
    RD7- Josh Frazier, DT; Alabama

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Umm, he is...
    I thought we drafted one... been a long weekend

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    OK, let's look at the CBs on our roster.

    Cortez Allen - seems solid. Not bad.
    Ike Taylor - sh-t the bed last year, most likely will retire after 2014. Draw flags every game.
    Antwon Blake - a nobody.
    William Gay - I thought he played decent last year, but he is not a legit starting NFL CB.
    Isiah Green - horrible
    Brice McCain - who?

    That's the CB unit that the Steelers didn't feel needed bolstered in the draft? Good God we are in sad shape.

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    I'm with you except for Willey Gay. He's legit.

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    do you really need 1st rounder to 'tackle the catch'

    they really dont ask the corners to play tight and stop the pass from being completed.

    as long as they have this system in place, there's really no need to draft corners high.

    just like there's DE's in the past. why draft guys high to occupy blockers? although thats changed in the last few years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    It worked for us in the past...

    It also worked for Seattle...

    A strong front seven and competent "tackle the catch" CBs worked for both teams...
    seattle doesnt "tackle the catch"

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    I really hope this is a hit. We will be depressed we didn't take Dennard for a decade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    seattle doesnt "tackle the catch"
    They sure did in the SB...


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