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Thread: Cleveland WR " Josh Gordon " to be suspended for the entire season!!!

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    Cleveland WR " Josh Gordon " to be suspended for the entire season!!!

    What a Moron!!

    Aaron Wilson‏@RavensInsider·7 mins
    Report: Browns star WR Josh Gordon allegedly failed drug test, facing season-long suspension: [url],0,5186201.story[/url] …

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    Wow!... oh Cleveland lol

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    Browns are going to pick a WR with their next pick, probably Marqise Lee...

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    Word is that Gordon will appeal the suspension, and in the end it might be just a 4-6 game suspension...that is total BS!! This would be Gordon's CONFIRMED 3rd time failing the test. And that calls for a full year suspension. If he gets less then what Ben got...and Ben didn't do a GOD DAMN thing wrong...then that is some Roger Goodell BS!!

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    The dude is 23 and enjoys his marry jane. But to be a professional just about any were drug tests will happen. He needs help I am sure. Been getting high for a long time I bet. Millions of dollars can't get these guys to quit. Does not make sense to me. So the Brownies saga continues! LOL! Roger is the KING and makes up the rules as he goes and see's fit. But each indiscretion should have its own punishment I think. Some are worse then others.
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    Wow if that isn't a reason to second guess not drafting Watkins. Two steps forward and one huge step back!

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    I am sure the Browns knew this had happened already. From what I read he has know for awhile.

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    Only in Cleveland can you get excited one day about getting a QB to throw to your star WR, only to have the star WR suspended a year the next day. Being a Browns fan must be awesome.
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    Poor Johnny Football. As if going to Cleveland wasn't bad he has no one to throw to.

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    great news.

    at the very least he will miss both of our games, i would bet


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