Now you don't have to listen to me. I am sure you have already formed an opinion in your own mind and either love or hate this pick. But I have been in and around this game my whole life. The NFL is transitioning into a whole new style of play on Offense and the teams that adapt those D's to combat that offense are going to be teams that win (Seattle). Shazier is going to be an EVERY down player and will line up all over the field. Wait till you see the 2-4-5 D line up for the first time in a 3rd and 15 with McClendon and Heyward up front with Jones, Timmons, Shazier and Worilds coming after the QB or dropping (who knows) and Ike, Mitchell, Troy, Shark and Allen playing the seams and Boundaries. Le Beau will be able to do things with his speed that we couldn't have done last year. Yes I wanted Fuller, and Yes I was mildly surprised to hear Shazier come off at 15. But at the end of the day their is little doubt in my mind he will be a pro bowl player.