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Can I ask why it's "whining" when you give a legit critique of a player? Seriously.
That was NOT directed at you SHAWN. Dub gives out critiques of players all the time. It is the way some here hammer it OVER AND OVER. But I am a Steeler lemming for sure. The Steelers FO are the pro's. So I save any critiques till the player SUCKS BAD!. Well maybe I am still not sure Ziggy was that bad. Maybe just out of position to be his best. Also if he was a 2nd round pick I think it would be different on here for him. But the FO let him go so I stand by that. Again I am not such a homer that I praise everything Steelers like some posters. But I also get tired of hearing guys who whine over and over about what PRO's have decided to do with this team. Yes good or bad I stand by my team most of the time. I still bitch a little just not OVER AND OVER. Oh wait I just did about cry baby posters on here.