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Thread: 2014 NFL Draft: Talk about the " Picks " as they happen Thread!

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    I hate this pick

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    Wow, Bears get Fuller, I wounder if The Steelers front office wanted him or Dennard more ?

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    Where do they play him? Do they move him inside? Or Jarvis?

    Maybe they think they won't re-sign Worilds?

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    ignorant pick
    1) First ballot HOF, ROTY
    2) All Pro first year, first round talent that fell to us in second
    3) Starter for years to come, cant believe he fell
    4) Absolute steal of draft, 2nd round grade
    5) Back up at first then starter for 10 years
    6) Incredible depth and ST demon
    7) Amazing value, shoulda went 3 rounds earlier

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    Shazier, he look fast.

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    Omg!!!!! WTF

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    Great pick. Got a speed guy who can play sideline to sideline and cover.
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    Good pick! Not my first choice but still a good pick. Shazier athletically is a freak.
    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

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    good grief

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradshawsHairdresser View Post
    Where do they play him? Do they move him inside? Or Jarvis?

    Maybe they think they won't re-sign Worilds?
    you must be watching ESPN? NFL network is a bit behind your picks. Also Thank you sir! I also AM SHOCKED 2 years #1 LB's? Well I hope he is Chad Brown and can play very well inside or outside. It also was a quick pick? There was 6mins left when the pick was in? Does not look like they are confident in Spence, Worilds, or even JJ?


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