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Thread: What is your Draft night Meal ?

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    What is your Draft night Meal ?

    Okay fans, we are ALL ready for tonight, and the weekend. But as it goes for tonight, what are your meal plans ? Are some of you married people just gonna have a early dinner with the Family, then lock yourself in the den with a " DO not dISTURB " sign on the door ?

    Are you gonna be ordering the 2 X-Large pizzas ? Hot wings ?...what ? Me...I am gonna have a Spinach Salad, and a Evian Bottled water...Ooops, wait...I thought for a Moment I was a Niners fan.

    No, it's strictly MEAT Pizza and Iron City Baby!!!

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    hopefully beaver
    over paid janitor......
    and proving it every year.........

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    hopefully beaver
    and beer...

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    Ribs and grilled potatoes on the grill. Then lots of Miller Lite to wash it down with.

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    We are headed out to sports bar for first half of draft, so I will probably order some wings. We have a bunch of transported Steeler fans down here who we like to meet up with from time to time. Last year we barely met at all, so we are kind of due to get together.

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    2 liter of diet mountain of right now. Maybe Wild Turkey if we screw up the first round pick.
    2018 Steelers draft picks
    RD1- Terrell Edmunds, S; Virginia Tech
    RD2- James Washington, WR; Oklahoma State
    RD3a- Mason Rudolph, QB; Oklahoma State
    RD3b- Chukwuma Okorafor, OT; Western Michigan
    RD5a- Marcus Allen, S; Penn State
    RD5b- Jaylen Samuels, RB; NC State
    RD7- Josh Frazier, DT; Alabama

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    I'm headed to the sportsbar tomorrow for rounds 2 and 3. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I would have went tonight also.

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    3 eggs, scrambled, with pancakes and scrapple. Couple pieces of wheat toast and some blueberry syrup. And a redbull.

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    Man, that was good.

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    Eating crow right now...I was so sure the Steelers were taking a CB.


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