1. Teams that take the full clock to make a pick. I get it, but I also get anxious as a fan. Conversely it drives me nuts when the Steelers don't bask in the full clock and just hurry and make their pick.

2. The day after draft coverage. I've seen Johnny Manziel on tv more than anyone even though he was the 22nd pick. Why don't the first 21 guys get more coverage?

3. Watching the talking heads talk about bad picks/busts and not even giving these kids/teams a chance. I think it's fair to call out Jax for saying Bortles won't play in the first year, but not to call Bortles a reach or a bad pick. The Jags know more about Bortles than all the "experts". Granted Jax may not have the best track record, but I don't know how you don't just wait and see on the kid. It's annoying cause it should be a celebration for the kid.

4. Stretching it out to 3 days and making me wait after 1 round is a bit of a let down. I like the old weekend drafts.

What you got?