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Thread: CBS' Pete Prisco implying Mike Tomlin and Sexual Misconduct

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    CBS' Pete Prisco implying Mike Tomlin and Sexual Misconduct

    I couldn't tell if CBS' Pete Prisco was joking or not but I can't believe he made the comment that he did on the air especially with zero facts. By the way, CBS already removed the recording from their website.

    When speaking about Darren Sharper and the serious rape/sexual assault charges he is facing, Pete Prisco adds this little tidbit:

    "You know who his buddy is... Tomlin. It isn't exactly known. He's his buddy. They were at William & Mary together. And Tomlin's got a reputation for this. I'm not saying he's that"
    Reporters have been fired for less. Maybe, Prisco will be the next.

    Note: This is a couple days old so I apologize if this is already posted.

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    Wow! Maybe CBS can hide before it blows up
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    Nothing to see here, Tomlins only indiscretion crossing the line was against Baltimore. And he should have gotten an Oscar for that reaction.
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    That is a terrible, bush-league implication if true.

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    maybe prisco is auditioning for a job on 60 minutes.........

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    Wow.... this needs to be addressed

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    They were at William & Mary together?

    That's like suspecting that Jeffrey Dahmer's neighbors are also cannibals.

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    Does this mean Goodell will suspend Tomlin for 6 games? Fair is fair. It just takes an accusation by anyone...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    They were at William & Mary together?

    That's like suspecting that Jeffrey Dahmer's neighbors are also cannibals.
    Sharper is an alleged rapist...when Tomlin was a senior, he was on the same team as freshman Sharper...later, Tomlin coached with Tony Dungy...I guess that means Dungy is probably a pervert?

    Wait...Dungy played for and coached with Chuck Noll...and Noll worked for Rooney, Sr. Oh-oh...
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    he said Tomlin has a REPUTATION for THIS...

    what is the "THIS"

    sexual misconduct, stepping on on the wife..???? It's such a weird quote, it can go in a few directions.
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