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Thread: This may be the greatest week of my life!!!

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    Wow, that is amazing. Congrats to you and have a great time. Please give Goodell a James Harrison like slap to the head when you see him.

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    Goodell will be announcing our first round pick (he announces all of the first round picks).

    Terry Hanratty will be announcing our second round pick (32 former players make the 2nd round picks for each team).

    Perhaps that means that Starlifter will be announcing our 3rd round comp pick?

    Be sure to thank the stupid Dolphins for overpaying for Mike Wallace, thereby giving up the highest possible comp pick.

    Congrats, man. Have a great, great time.

    By the way, here is the complete list of other former NFL players set to announce picks in round 2:

    Arizona Cardinals, Aeneas Williams (CB)
    Atlanta Falcons, Claude Humphrey (DE)
    Baltimore Ravens, Michael McCrary (DE)
    Buffalo Bills, Andre Reed (WR)
    Carolina Panthers, Mark Carrier (WR)
    Chicago Bears, Mike Singletary (LB)
    Cincinnati Bengals, Ken Riley (CB)
    Cleveland Browns, Eric Metcalf (WR)
    Dallas Cowboys, Dat Nguyen (LB)
    Denver Broncos, Gene Mingo (HB)
    Detroit Lions, Herman Moore (WR)
    Green Bay Packers, James Lofton (WR)
    Houston Texans, Chester Pitts (G)
    Indianapolis Colts, Marvin Harrison (WR)
    Jacksonville Jaguars, Brad Meester (C)
    *Kansas City Chiefs, Curley Culp (DT)
    Miami Dolphins, Larry Little (G)
    Minnesota Vikings, Joey Browner (S)
    New England Patriots, Willie McGinest (DE-LB)
    New Orleans Saints, Morten Andersen (K)
    New York Giants, Harry Carson (LB)
    New York Jets, Chad Pennington (QB)
    Oakland Raiders, Willie Brown (CB)
    Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Quick (WR)
    Pittsburgh Steelers, Terry Hanratty (QB)
    St. Louis Rams, Kevin Carter (DE)
    San Diego Chargers, Jamal Williams (DT)
    San Francisco 49ers, Dennis Brown (DE)
    Seattle Seahawks, Walter Jones (OT)
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Derrick Brooks (LB)
    Tennessee Titans, Kevin Dyson (WR)
    Washington Redskins, London Fletcher (LB)

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    Congrats, Starlifter. Sounds absolutely amazing.

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    Tomorrow is the day!! Woooooo!!!

    Maybe I can grab a selfie with Terry H!


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    I'm getting more and more psyched for you by the minute. This thread makes me happy.

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    I missed the news that London Fletcher retired...

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    "On behalf of the Planet Steelers, the Pittsburgh Steelers select..."


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