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Thread: This may be the greatest week of my life!!!

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    This may be the greatest week of my life!!!

    Guys (and Steelgal!), I've been hesitating to even post this - because it's soooo AWESOME it kinda feels like I'm bragging and being a showoff. Please don't take it that way. I enjoy being a part of this board and simply want to share.

    As many know, I'm a season ticket holder. The Steelers have selected me as their fan representative for this year draft!!!!

    My wife and I will be flying to new york on Wednesday. On, Thurs/Fri I will be with the team at Radio City working the draft, smoozing with the players, taking selfies with goodell and getting a perspective of the NFL that's once in a lifetime. I'll be taking a bunch of pics, I'll post what I can during the week. The NFL locks down their PR pretty tight, so no promises about pics with me in the greenroom backstage - but if I could wear a go-pro on my head for 48 hours straight, I'll do it!!

    I love going to the games, I've been fortunate to go to the superbowls - and this is something that will be spectacular. I truly wish I could share this with everyone, and maybe that's why I'm even saying something. I'll try to give some play by play throughout the week.

    As for now - I gotta really start taking my mock more seriously. If I get to announce a pick - I don't care what name they give me, if he's available I'm going with johnny football!!......... (just kidding, no heart attacks please).

    On a serious note, there are holes all over this team that need to be addressed. If asked, my amateur opinion is and will continue to be - if there is no brainer game changing player available, that's the pick. having said that, if not - I still believe the best choice is an offensive lineman. A 5 man unit that can take over a game with running, clock control and QB protection is far more effective at helping cover up other weaknesses than any other position. grabbing the best WR doesn't help if Ben is running for his life. Grabbing the best CB doesn't help if we continually go 3 and out, can't run and have the defense on the field for 39 minutes a game.

    anyway, stand by for updates. It's gonna be epic!!!

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    This sounds awesome. Congrats dude.

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    Sure, rub it in our faces....

    Just kidding. Hope you have a fantastic time. I'm sure you will, and that you will represent Steeler Nation well.
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    Awesome!!! Congrats!

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    Talk about jealous. I entered a couple of contests to win a trip to NYC. Didn't happen. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    It's pretty frickin' sweet that a poster from this site gets an honor like that. Look forward to updates/pics, etc.

    And while it may be the greatest week of your life, it will be the longest until you get there. Heh heh.

    Have a great time, Starlifter.

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    Here We Go Steelers!

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    That sounds like an amazing adventure! Congratulations! Don't spend so much time documenting it that you don't get to be in the moment.

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    You are my new best friend...buddy. Hey got an extra spot on that plane flight?
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    How awesome is that?! Congratulations brother!!

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    That is awesome! Congrats!

    Do me a favor. As you are about to announce the pick look straight at Goodell and say, "I really hope I get this right so that Emperor Goodell doesn't fine me."


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