Is it difficult to imagine Alabama's star ILB, CJ Mosley being BPA at a "position of need" when the Steelers pick at 1.15?

I wouldn't be upset with the pick because I think Mosley is a very good player. I hope Mosley isn't the pick for 1 reason and 1 reason only.... They know Williams/Garvin are not starting material and they feel Spence will never make a full recovery or be able to live up to the expectations that the team had when they drafted him (i.e. future starter). I'll admit that I'm in the Spence fan club so I'd love to see him come back and have a great career in the black & gold.

With that being said... The Steelers very rarely reach in the first round. They're strategy is BPA at a position of need. Do the Steelers feel that ILB is such a need that they are willing to use a 1st round pick on such a player? That is the million dollar question (quite literally). If so, Mosley could quite possibly be the pick.

CB - Dennard and Gilbert could both be gone
WR - Watkins and Evans are likely gone
LT - Unless Matthews drops, T isn't going to be the pick
DE/DT - There is a need but I don't think there is a 3-4 DE or NT that will be considered BPA

That leaves me will TE and ILB and two names come to mind. Ebron and Mosley.

Ebron would make sense because Miller isn't getting any younger and Ebron is a receiving threat that could fill the "big target" role. He's basically a WR for the most part.

With that being said, Mosley would probably be BPA in the Steelers mind.... but do they see ILB as a position of need?

If so, Mosley could very well be the pick at 1.15.