Why even bother predicting season won-loss results before the draft even goes down? IDK. But it's fun.


Baltimore - W. They were really no better than us last season. I feel we have already made more improvements to our team that they have. Flucco has been exposed as a so-so QB who got hot/lucky in 2012; it was the perfect storm for a Super Bowl run. Ray Rice has suddenly lost a step. OL not good. No Boldin to move the chains. D just OK.

Cincinnati - W. The 3rd consecutive one and done play off loss may be too much a hang over. Instead of being motivated, I have a feeling they will just be done. How good is Dalton? I think he is just OK, and prone to major break downs. We beat them at home last season. They also lost their DC, who did a good job.

Cleveland - W. I have no idea what the Browns will look like in 2014; don't know who QB will be, but I am guessing it will still be Hoyer, as a rookie won't be better coming in, unless possibly it's Johnny Football. That dude is the X factor, so if he is a Brown, who knows. I think he could win 8 games just being his crazy self. Gordon is a monster at WR, they will have a better RB unit, no matter who they add. But we don't lose to them at home, regardless.

Houston - W. See above. No idea who QB will be. They sure fell apart quickly, from a contender to the worst team in the league. Rookie head coach. We win.

Indianapolis - W. Luck could force a win, but outdoors, possibly bad weather. We ride.

New Orleans - W. Saints outdoors. Lost a lot of weapons, Sproles, etc.

Tampa Bay - W. No idea if they have the talent to be good in one year removed from that mess. When does TB win in Pgh?

Kansas City - L. I am assuming KC will be more like the team that went 8-0 than the one that struggled down the stretch, including one and done play offs. But, I am thinking we lose one home game, and this could be it, with Andy Reid doing a good job. KC has been giving us fits lately, even when they suck. Jamaal Charles is the truth.


Baltimore - L. Just because it's there. We rarely sweep them.

Cincinnati - W. Payback for last few years.

Cleveland - W. Won't have made enough progress to be very good yet.

Jacksonville - W. Maybe improved over last year. But who will QB be?

Tennessee - L. Maybe one of those losses to bad teams Tomlin seems to always have.

Atlanta - L. Not that I think the Falcons will be that good, but in their dome, they steal one.

Carolina - L. This team is solid, even though their WR unit is a total joke as of now. Poor Cam. I feel their D will jack us up and we only put up like 13 points to their 17.

NY Jets - W. Will Geno advance that much in 2014, or will he prove to just not be very good? Lacking weapons, in a big way. May add Chris Johnson, but so what?

11-5? I do believe it could happen, with a little luck on the injury front and if they keep doing what was working on O, instead of going back to traditional play calling with huddling up. They were humming pretty good on O coming down the stretch. Please, dear God, don't let their egos getting in the way of what works.