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Thread: Who Would You Draft?

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    BPA! Period

    We have a starting 22 right now and we learned our lesson last year by drafting players that "NEEDED" to start right away. We aren't in that situation this year and I'm extremely thankful.

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    Who is our starting RDE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    Who is our starting RDE?
    Cam Thomas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Cam Thomas
    They CANT feel good about that lol

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    I am tenacious & aggressive. As bull headed as they come. Don't confuse my confidence with ignorance. I have played football since I was 5 all the way through the college ranks. When I stopped playing I got into coaching. I am engulfed in football close to 9 months a year & that has nothing to do with the Steelers. I follow them 24-7. When schedules come out for our season I'm reviewing game films looking for tendencies & weaknesses of opponents every week. After every game, I'm looking at the ALL-22 press box & endzone cam and writing up assignment notes & technique notes on HUDL for players. Go over the previous game film with players & coaches at the start of every week. My football knowledge goes way beyond the keyboard kid. I never anointed myself a "self ordained expert". If having this experience creates a perception of me in your eyes as this...That's your problem to deal with. I have been here a long time too. If anyone thinks what is coming out of my mouth is Bull$hit...Then their football knowledge stops at the keyboard.

    Instead of acting condescending & saying you are wrong...I will do what I normally do & break it down. I have the eye for this stuff. You don't teach football by guessing & looking at the stat book. You don't make players better by following the ball & not knowing what is going on with all 11. If you don't understand what is going on...You don't have any idea what you are looking at. Players have accountability as do coaches. You aren't going to get in a players face about something if you don't know what your are talking about. You ever watch a game & see a coach chewing someone's ass who you didn't even see involved in the play? Don't follow the ball. It is one or two guys not doing his job that starts the chaos...That is the guy who has the negative play. You want to sit around & score a game like a statistician...That's your prerogative. My breakdown is below of your plays. You have 15 plays out of 74 that you don't like. That doesn't sound like "Utter Domination by a Freshman". Anyone can review it & educate themselves. That's up to you if you want to do it. You could sit there & bang the table & scream "I'm right" all you want. Knowledge is power & proof is in the tape. There is now slo-mo but if you use the pause bottom you will see things. There is allot going on when you aren't following the ball.

    Breakdown to follow....

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    I'll say this first about Garner. Garner has inconsistent footwork in pocket. He sets his back foot 4-5 yards deep out of shotgun. That sets the back of the pocket between 8-9 yards. That's fine but he has to learn to step up to help his OTs.

    5:30ish-Pushed Lewan into backfield leading to a QB pressure and almost an INT.
    6 man blitz - 6 protecting. #1...That's a QB Hot read..Ball has to come out quick. Grant Free on Blitz up middle free. Lewan has Bosa blocked. Not a negative play for Lewan .

    Play after sheds Lewan to make tackle on running back.
    Guard & Center gets beat by DT Bennett & he fills hole. Pinched play into Lewan. Lewan has Bosa blocked. Does come off for tackle. That play is on G/C. Not a negative play for Lewan .

    Play after that pushes Lewan back then comes off his left side and gets QB pressure.
    Design Screen. No pressure. Did his job perfectly . Not negative play for Lewan .

    6:22 Lewan gives up sack to Bosa after getting pushed into pocket.
    6 man blitz - 6 protecting. #1...That's a QB Hot read..Ball has to come out quick. Shazier blitz up middle beats RB. Lewan has Bosa blocked. Shazier sack. Not a negative play for Lewan.

    6:39 Bosa completely drives Lewan into backfield almost making tackle on RB
    Bosa beats Lewan across his face on run. (missed tackle) Negative play for Lewan.

    7:09 Lewan misses block on #8
    That's is a "Power" away. Nothing wrong with that play. Lewan has to control C gap. Spence wasn't anywhere near the play. What you saw there was a result of Bosa beating him across his face at 6:39. Not a negative play for Lewan .

    7:20ish Bosa pushes Lewan into pocket causing QB to roll out left into #63 for a sack

    RT gets beat forces Gardner to roll left. Garner force to roll outside Lewan's bubble. Here's what you don't see. RB help right leaves LG help. 4 man rush identified at snap. There is a line stunt on left side with Bosa & DT Bennet. Lewan has Bosa blocked off inside move. LG was late on help. Lewan should have been able to pass of Bosa to LG & block DT stunting on outside. Lewan did the right thing... Staying with Bosa & Blocking inside out. Because the RT got beat...Garner had nowhere to go even if he did read it. There is also an endzone shot of play where you could see the LG identifying it too late. Lewan may get a pressure on this play but the RT busted the play. Lewan just did the right thing on the busted play but the RT coming free took Gardner's escape route away.

    7:37-#8 gets around Lewans left side for QB pressure

    RT gets driven back in Gardners face...Can't step up. Lewan take Spences to back of pocket 8 yards deep. Ball comes out after 3 seconds before any pressure...completed pass.

    9:00 misses block on #95
    This is another power away where Lewan has backside WIL LB on second level. Difficult block. Lewan gets his hands on the LB 5 yards off LOS in space...Got there quick. Didn't get good angle to cut off pursuit. LB doesn't touch RB until 5 yards downfield. Misses tackle...Even if he made tackle...7-8 yard gain. Hate to tell you...That's a successful run play. Add in the fact Lewan ran with the RB 40 yards downfield after he broke the tackle...There is nothing negative on this play.

    11:30 Bosa pushes Lewan into QB leads to QB pressure and almost his second sack of the game.
    6 man blitz - 7 protecting. #1...That's a QB Hot read..Ball has to come out quick. Again...RB right...Gardner's out is right...big lane. Steps up & throws TD. Endzone cam on this one & listen to announcer. Gave Gardner 3 seconds & he got lucky not bailing out right. Give Lewan a pressure on this one....But you want to see your QB make that read.

    13:00 #2 beats Lewan for QB pressure
    Ball is out long before Shazier get close. Lewan did a good job staying with Shazier off a double move. Not a negative play for Lewan.

    13:20 Bosa pushes Lewan to ground
    That's a design rollout to Lewan's side. Bosa is a yard or two off the LOS. No where near Gardner. Garner completed the pass. Nothing negative there.

    15:01 Bosa yet again collapses pocket, Lewan yet again gives up another QB pressure.
    LG gets walked back in Gardner. Lewan has Bosa blocked. 3 seconds...Gardner steps between them to make throw & completion. Nothing negative there.

    Next play the exact same thing.
    Balls out in 3 but Lewan got caught flat footed off spin move. So that is a pressure in my book.

    15:48 Bosa beats Lewan for sack.
    6 man blitz - 6 protecting. #1...That's a QB Hot read..Ball has to come out quick. Entire interior of OL gets collapsed back in Garner's face. Lewan has Bosa blocked on the outside. Interesting thing is that this is where Bosa is credited with his 1/2 sack and Lewan kept Bosa off Garner. Garner got engulfed in the wash & Bosa reached in & helped pull Gardner down. Garner had an escape route right but couldn't see it with his LG, C, & RB sitting in his lap.

    This wasn't Lewan's best game...But far from domination. There was allot more positive plays from Lewan than there was negative. If you earn a 88-92...That's a good outing. There you go. Far too much time on a guy I hope we don't draft. [EMAIL="F@cking"]F@cking[/EMAIL] Blow Hard Out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    I want to like Benjamin. All of the raw tools are there. But there is just something...missing. If we go WR at #15 and Watkins and Evans are off the board, then I prefer Marquis Lee over Benjamin as the more complete wideout. Sure, he doesn't give you different body type from what we already have, but he's just the better football player in my mind.
    Marquise Lee reminds me a little of Chad Johnson. He is a great route runner with excellent quickness out of his breaks and great hands. He also has good straightline speed. However, from the Steeler's perspective, Lee may be a little too much like Wheaton, Brown, and Lance Moore. He is a smaller framed receiver who relies on quickness. Lee is tough though. Maybe a big receiver is just not in the cards (and don't mention Heyward-Bey as he often plays like a whimp and doesn't use his size well).

    Benjamin is certainly more of a one dimensional go route/slants/posts and red zone guy. Lee is obviously a more versatile receiver and maybe a safer pick. But, the thing I like about Benjamin is that he really compliments our WRs well. He is exactly what they are not. He may be worth the risk.

    That would be a really tough decision.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    Drafting a guy based on one good game gets you Troy Edwards.
    Shawn this is good .....very good. Glad to hear this and you know why.
    The Dennard ,Matthews 1-2 punch does sound good to me.
    Hey wait a minute we can't agree on to much that would be boring.

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    Listen JPN, I know you believe you are a gift to football and all, but I'm done with the conversation. I stand by my assessment. And despite me "not playing football" my track record for eyeing talent is pretty good. So, let people take a look at the film and decide for themselves. But, when Lewan falls on his face as a NFL LT, please don't makes excuses for him with your superior football knowledge. Just admit he is a very average NFL RT.

    PS-You really don't have to qualify your posts with your resume. Solid posts are solid posts, they should stand on their own merit.
    Last edited by Shawn; 04-03-2014 at 02:16 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City Inc. View Post
    Shawn this is good .....very good. Glad to hear this and you know why.
    The Dennard ,Matthews 1-2 punch does sound good to me.
    Hey wait a minute we can't agree on to much that would be boring.
    It's more fun to argue in the offseason.


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