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Thread: Running Game Yards after contact

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    Running Game Yards after contact

    Behind Adrian Peterson who has the second most yards after contact? Answer...LaGarette Blount. I thought some said he was a big man who runs like a scat back. Discuss.

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    Hey Roger...
    The scat back notion doesn't make a lot of sense. They are small by definition...IMO. Lower shoulder and fall forward...
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    Blount runs with power, as displayed by his yards after contact...doesn't seem like he fears taking on a hit as some have suggested.

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    Blount is a legit BIG BACK that we don't see much of anymore.
    Scat Back?? that's funny.
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    The scat back comment was partially in jest, but he can tend to try and be shifty rather than lowering his shoulder. He was running with more authority at the end of the year in NE, but as a whole looking at his career he tries to have a little more wiggle than he actually does. I do think belichick helped rid him of that some though

    Historically hes not the best "short yardage" back as his big back image would suggest..gets stood up a lot, which is ok because I think bell has a nose for that role

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    Maybe he's a big scat back who runs like a big man?

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    Jerome Bettis anyone?? Bettis?


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