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Thread: Ryan Clark signs with Redskims

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    Ryan Clark signs with Redskims

    Per Steelersdepot

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    Ryan Clark signs with Redskins

    Per Steelersdepot

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    Good luck to Ryan. Hope he plays well...unless the Skins are playing the Steelers.

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    Hey Roger...
    Back home...I feel kind of bad for him. Good Steeler in his day
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    All the best to him moving forward. At least we won't have to lose our starting FS if we play the Donkeys... in the playoffs!

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    Good for him. Clark was a great Steeler. And man, could that guy lower the boom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonie View Post
    Good for him. Clark was a great Steeler. And man, could that guy lower the boom.
    Not just a solid player who laid the wood, but a well-spoken, good team/locker room guy all the way around. He made the team better. And prior to maybe 2013, he became a solid component to what the Steelers were. Matter of fact, I don't think he slowed down as much as I think rule/interpretation changes ruined his game. He was all about intimidation through hits, but once they made most of those shots draw yellow, he lost his effectiveness. One can argue if those changes were the right ones or not, but I think most would agree that once you took away his penalty shots away, it hurt the biggest part of his game. Best of luck, Ryan. I have zero complaints about you as a Pittsburgh Steeler. I wish you the best, not only in the rest of your NFL career but as a sports commentator as well, of which I am sure you will excel at.

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    I appreciate and respect what he did for our team and he was really good, stepped up and was apart of the success, not just there for the ride. He turned me off with his comments towards the team, players and fans. Did he get his money that he wanted ? I know he talked as if he thought he was one of the premium safeties in the league and deserved that type of money...I thought the rules of the game kept him at bay at times but I think he lost a step too. The rules changed for everyone so that shouldn't be a surprise it affected him. Too late to teach an old dog new tricks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discipline of Steel View Post
    Back home...I feel kind of bad for him. Good Steeler in his day
    In what way do you feel bad? The guy made many millions playing for the Steelers, made himself a name and got himself a super bowl ring in the process. And now he's going to the land of final paychecks before he'll ultimately have a new career in broadcasting. The only time I ever felt bad for Ryan was when he was in a hospital not knowing what was wrong with him after playing in Denver.

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    He is a classy guy. He was always respectful of the organization, teammates, and fans
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